Update on Photography Studio in Amador County: Jackson

Hello Everyone,..I have not been blogging lately, as I have been tackling the studio downtown that I am trying so eagerly to finish. I’m even staying there until late midnights. I am also processing photos, but I cannot post too many photos on the blog until later. I would say I’m almost done with the grit in my studio. When I am all done, I will show photos, and/or you can come visit. The media/viewing room is finished. The front walk in area is almost finished, except for placing photos on the walls everywhere and a few other minor details. And lastly, the actual shooting area needs to be cleaned up, patched, sheet-rocked, floored, and dressed up. It’s all looking good, but it’s whacked out awesome so far.

Thank you all for shooting photos through me. I will have a grand opening, and you will all be the first to check it out!

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