Top 12 Yosemite Wedding and Elopement Locations for Adventure Couples


Top 12 Yosemite Wedding and Elopement Locations for Adventure Couples

Top Yosemite wedding and elopement locations by seasoned pro adventure wedding photographer, Charleton Churchill.

Top Yosemite Wedding and elopement locations for couples getting married in the national park


The List for the Best wedding Locations in Yosemite National Park for eloping couples.



What is your experience in Yosemite weddings?

As one of the Top wedding and adventure elopement photographers in the USA, I have captured many couples all over Yosemite National Park. I am a seasoned mountaineer who has climbed many dangerous high altitude mountains, leading teams and groups, like up north America’s highest peak at 20,320 ft, Denali or Mt. McKinley. I have fallen into crevasses, saved lives, had friends perish in avalanches, and also led people to success. Recently, I took the first couple up to Mt. Everest base camp to get married in a wedding dress, backpack and boots, being the first wedding photographer to document a wedding there and igniting the adventure wedding movement.

Yosemite is my backyard. I’m there often with couples eloping in Yosemite. Further, I have hiked half-dome (16.8 miles round trip) over forty times. Taking couples and small groups to the summit for photos is my passion. I have hiked many of the trails in the park and know the area well. I can give you my best opinion for epic and scenic photographs from a photographer’s perspective since I’m always booked up shooting weddings there each year.

milky way galaxy stars wedding photo in Yosemite National Park, California


What are the best places in Yosemite Park to get married or elope?

Let me just say before I even go into these locations, that as an artist, adventurist, and photographer, I prefer the hidden locations where most people do not travel. It’s the less trodden path, the harder to get to areas, and backwoods where we capture some unique images. I’m always looking for something different for my couples if they’re up for hiking. The problem is when I take couples on longer backpacking trips, they are sweaty, dirty and do not feel as pretty. Thus, it’s harder to get good photos when couples don’t feel their best. But you can always freshen up. I have many options if couples are open to something different that the popular areas of Yosemite.

So here we go, onto the top places in Yosemite to get married or elope. Engaged couples and photographers often ask me for the best locations. The response I give now is it depends on your level of adventure or preference of backdrops. Yosemite has much to offer for wedding and eloping couples that it would be difficult to capture everything. Yosemite has mountains, lakes, waterfalls, bridges, hiking trails, redwood trees, open fields, rivers and streams, steep granite rock faces, epic views on the summits, wildlife, rustic lodging, camping tents, campgrounds, and beautiful colors for each season for the best photos all over the park.

Whether it be weddings, elopements, engagement sessions, or adventure sessions, each venue and location has its’ strengths and flavor for your wedding photography needs and indulgences. I’m merely the adventure wedding photographer who guides couples around the park for the best photos. So, I have compiled a list of the top wedding and elopement locations and places around Yosemite that are the most scenic for couples to consider for their wedding day. They are not in any particular order, but I can give you some insights below.


Click to see a recent Yosemite Elopement here: Yosemite Adventure Elopement
(After the elopement, we traveled the park for wedding photos).

Important: Please make sure to reserve a Yosemite Wedding Permit for your date, time, and location.



All photos by seasoned pro award winner, TEDx speaker, renown and viral Mt. Everest wedding photographer:  Charleton Churchill Photography



1. Taft Point

cliff at taft point elopement wedding couple over looking yosemite valley

taft point yosemite elopement photos at sunset by charleton churchill photography

taft point sunset wedding photos by charleton churchill photography


Taft Point: I was the first known wedding photographer to capture a wedding couple at Taft Point back in 2015 before it became popular (at least at the time, there were no wedding photos at Taft Point on Google with that epic cliff side view). After my Taft image was published in popular photography and wedding magazines, and shown at workshops, photographers were asking me for directions to that area. No doubt, it’s an epic location, and now it’s a popular Yosemite eloping spot. Here’s a recent Taft Point elopement.

However, it is dangerous if you’re not safe, as some have fallen to their deaths most recently. You don’t need to be at the edge to get the cliff photos. Actually, you can stand 10-15 feet back and still get the same effect in your photos as I have done with other couples. Give yourself some space. The photographer should know what they are doing and promote safety at all times. Safety is the utmost importance. Bringing radios to communicate for the further away shots is important. Cell phones work occasionally, but don’t rely upon them for communication, as they are spotty.

Taft Point Trailedhead address:
Located on Glacier Point Rd., Yosemite, CA. before Glacier Point parking.



2. Glacier Point

glacier point amphitheater wedding venue

bride and groom walking at glacier point yosemite after getting married

Glacier Point: What is great about Glacier Point is that you can just pull up, park, and walk fifty yards to the scenic half-dome canyon view. This is a highly popular site for wedding ceremonies and elopements. I have photographed couples there at sunset, sunrise, and all parts of the day. Up at high altitude around 8000 feet, your photographer will need some good lighting for mid-day photos with hard shadows and light hitting your faces. When couples book me, I make recommendations on where and what time is best for couples photos. I have even learned how to get two sunset photo opportunities in one day.


glacier point ceremony with view of half-dome in the background

glacier point wedding with heavenly light on couple

glacier point wedding location in yosemite by charleton churchill photography

Another part of Glacier Point is you can walk down further to the actual end of the paved trail and get another view of the canyon. You can see half-dome again, and it feels closer, maybe because there is another cliff below you. There are some great photos there like above. If you are into hiking, you can hike the 4-mile Panorama Trail down to the valley for some photos with your adventure photographer if they are into hiking with you. If you’re the rugged couple type, like some of my brides who have hiked 8 miles in their wedding attire, you can hike down the 4-mile trail in your wedding dress and suit. Hiking in your wedding dress and boots is good for photos and and definitely a great experience.

Lastly, be mindful that you will probably have other visitors and tourists watching you and walking around your ceremony. It’s not the most secluded area for a wedding, but you should have a permit so nobody else can get married at the same time. There are better times to get married to avoid the tourists. If your photographer has experience, and they are assertive, but polite, they should be able to isolate you from the visitors in your photos.

Here’s an example of a Glacier Point wedding elopement in the summer.

Glacier Point Amphitheater and Lookout address:
Located at the end of Glacier Point Road, Yosemite, CA.




3. Half Dome

yosemite half dome wedding couple on cliff after hiking 16 miles round trip

yosemite half dome cables up the rock with a couple eloping


Half-Dome: Now, this trail is a trophy hike. Not only are you rewarded with epic views, but you will have hiked just over 16 miles round trip. On top of that, you will have ascended your way up (and down) a steep rock face via cables. It’s a bucket list item for many. You will have accomplished something great.

Before they started issuing permits to hike Half-dome, I was often frequenting the trail for exercise and speed. Now you need to apply for a permit. This year I applied for 7 dates and was denied all of them. Yes, it’s annoying, but it’s certainly a unique area for wedding photos. Most couples would not attempt it for an intimate elopement ceremony, nor even consider it. However, if you successfully accomplish this feat, then you deserve all bragging rights. The parks says the average return time is 12hours, so plan for it with more water than you think you’ll need.

On the other hand, if you want to pass on the long Half-dome hike, you could opt for the much easier Taft Point hike which shares a similar view. It’s only a few miles.

Half-Dome Trailhead: 8.2 miles up. Directions:
Park in Half-Dome Village
Yosemite Valley, Ca. 95389.

Then take the free Yosemite shuttle to Happy Aisles, which is Stop #16 and start hiking.
Here’s a link to how to prepare for your half-dome hike:  Half-Dome Hike Information



4. Yosemite Valley Chapel


winter wedding at the yosemite chapel in the snow

yosemite chapel summer time elopement


Yosemite Valley Chapel: This is a quaint little church down in the middle of Yosemite Valley. It’s historic and iconic. Many couples marry there with intimate family and a pastor or officiant. I recently photographed a winter wedding here in December, and the roads where jam-packed with tourists clogging the roads to a stand still. We allowed traffic to do its thing while I took my couple behind the church into the wilderness for some snowy winter wedding images. I actually like the Yosemite Chapel in the woods.

Typically you get married here, and then you head out for some scenic images around the park. There are many photographic options for couples around the valley and also up on top of Glacier Point Road, depending on how much time you have together. I typically have multiple areas of interest to guide my couples. Many times, I have found locations away from the crowds that are just as majestic.

Here’s an example from a Yosemite Chapel Winter Wedding here

Yosemite Wedding Chapel address:
9000 Southside Dr.
Yosemite Valley, Ca. 95389.
For more info on getting married here: Yosemite Valley Chapel Weddings Info
For more information, go here:  Yosemite Valley Chapel.



5. The Ahwahnee Hotel

ahwahnee yosemite hotel wedding ceremony on the lawn in yosemite

wedding ceremony at the ahwahnee lodge yosemite

Ahwahnee lodge wedding photos in yosemite national park with epic landscapes


The Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite: This is the only 4-diamond hotel in Yosemite Valley. This lodge has at least a few different areas to get married with epic views around the property: the lawn and the east portico. I photograph many weddings here each year and I’m glad to support them. You can google this venue and see so much information for yourself, but they have wonderful rooms, delicious dining, and so much to offer.  The Majestic hotel used to be called the Ahwahnee Hotel, but changed names recently. Around the property are a variety of photographic opportunities if you want to explore. I usually have couples get married here, and then I take the couples out for an adventure.

The Ahwahnee Hotel of Yosemite Address:
The Ahwahnee Website
Yosemite National Park,
1 Ahwahnee Drive,
Yosemite Valley, CA 95389.
(888) 413-8869



6. Evergreen Lodge

ceremony at evergreen lodge in the woods with family and friends

yosemite evergreen lodge wedding couple married in wilderness

evergreen lodge wedding ceremony with Grace and Mike in Yosemite

Evergreen Lodge: This lodge is definitely woodsy with beautiful rustic cabins everywhere. It feels like you’re in a secluded village. Just outside the Yosemite entrance, this wedding venue has everything on location with a beautiful ceremony site and reception area for larger groups. Tall trees surround the area, so it feels woodsy and romantic, away from all the noise and tourists. I have even photographed a few celebrities at this lodge, actors from Grey’s Anatomy and Game of Thrones.

Evergreen Lodge address and phone:
33160 Evergreen Rd.
Groveland, CA 95321
(209) 379-2606


7. Rush Creek Lodge


rush creek lodge ceremony location by photographer charleton churchill

rush creek lodge wedding close-up

rush creek lodge summer wedding ceremony with light blue bridesmaids dresses


Rush Creek Lodge: This place is awesome and the newest lodge in Yosemite, even though it’s just outside the park entrance. Your about 30 minutes from the valley, but it’s worth it. This lodge is the sister property to the Evergreen Lodge. I love staying here for their amazing food, clean and modern facilities, large family rooms, pool and hot tub, game rooms for the kids, fire pit, with so much to offer. This is a beautiful place for wedding ceremonies and guests.

Here’s an example from a recent Rush Creek Lodge Wedding and Adventure Photo Session the same day.

Rush Creek Lodge address and phone:
34001 CA-120
Groveland, CA 95321
(209) 379-2373


8. Tunnel View

epic yosemite tunnel view wedding photography with hazy background

tunnel view yosemite wedding elopement in the fall cloudy and hazy day




Tunnel View: This place is beautiful at the right time, but tourists fill up this location quickly. so I don’t think it’s the best location for a wedding, but it’s worth mentioning and getting a few images here. I have a few areas where I take couples away from the crowds to get the same look.

Tunnel View Address:
Wawona Rd., Hwy 41
Yosemite Valley, CA. 95389
Just after Bridal Veil Falls a mile or so up the road.


9. El Capitan Meadow

el capitan elopement where alex honnold climbed free solo movie

yosemite el capitan meadow elopement photos

winter wedding yosemite el capitan snowy


El Capitan Meadow: Beautiful for photos in the meadow surrounded by the mountains of granite rock.  In the fall season, the colors glow in the background. I take couples here for some photos, but I’ve never photographed a wedding ceremony here. Winter elopements in Yosemite are just as gorgeous as seen in the image above. My couples usually want a little more adventure in their images.

El Capitan Directions:
In the Valley of Yosemite
Just passed Yosemite Valley Lodge.
Parking is available on the side of the road.


10. Sentinel Dome

sentinel dome elopement wedding at sunset on a cliff in the fall

sentinel dome elopement in yosemite with a rainbow in a storm

Sentinel Dome: Sentinel Dome is in the same parking lot as Taft point, also a few miles round trip of hiking. If I had my choice, I would do Taft Point for the epic view shot as well as beautiful views. However, Sentinel Dome puts on a better show for sunset and sunrise combined; you can pretty much see everything 360 degrees on top of the dome in all directions. The trail is easy and the photos are good. The photos above are from the same couple, same sunset with front and back views.

Sentinel Dome Trailedhead address:
Located on Glacier Point Rd., Yosemite, CA. before Glacier Point parking.
Same parking lot as Taft Point trailhead.


11. Bridalveil Falls & Yosemite Falls

yosemite waterfall wedding couple eloping for epic photos

waterfalls in the national park with an eloping couple near bridalveil falls and yosemite falls


Bridal Veil Falls and Yosemite Falls: These both are jaw-dropping locations. However, when the water is rushing, it is very loud for anyone to hear. You can also get really wet when up close to the falls just by the mist, but it’s a gorgeous backdrop no doubt. With Yosemite falls, you can stand further back and get that view, but there are usually many tourists walking around. If you’re planning a ceremony there, just be flexible.

Bridal Veil Falls and Yosemite Falls directions:
Pretty easy. Just drive to Yosemite Valley.
Bridal Veil Falls is just as you enter the Yosemite park turning onto hwy 41.
Yosemite Falls is in Yosemite Village.
They are both down in the valley. Parking is available for both.


yosemite landscape photo of sunset from tunnel view to bridal veil falls, half-dome, and valley photograph


12.  Yosemite Points of interest less requested

There are also other Locations around Yosemite you might want to check out where you can get married.

Other Wedding Locations to Consider:

  • Washburn Point
  • Cascades Picnic Area
  • Swinging Bridge Picnic area
  • Sentinel Beach Picnic area
  • Mariposa Grove
  • Tenaya Lake Beach
  • Tuolumne Meadows Lodge area
  • Tuolumne Grove
  • Merced Grove
  • Many trails around the National Park

More information on these Yosemite ceremony locations can be found here.



Do you know of any hidden locations in Yosemite to avoid the crowds?

There are many places around Yosemite to get married and elope. I cannot list them all, but it is a massive National Park with applaudable features everywhere to explore. Tenaya Lake, Washburn Point, Wawona lodge, to name a few are others.

Personally, I have locations for my couples I have not listed because they don’t fall under the “Top locations in Yosemite” title, but they are epic in nature with usually no crowds. I have hiked multiple trails in Yosemite and know of epic locations, some where I haven’t even taken couples yet. But I try and experiment with each couple at a new location if they’re willing. It’s typically for the adventurous couples who have more time around the park. Recently, I photographed a couple for their adventure session and I was able to experiment with them in a few locations with new ideas. I’m glad I did.

Here is the Link to the Yosemite Adventure Elopement Photography


What is the best time of year to elope in Yosemite?

The best time of year to elope in Yosemite is between April and October. Spring time is cooler with waterfalls flowing a maximum capacity. Further, Glacier Point road access usually opens in April or May. Summer brings warmer temperatures and the crowds with July and August being the warmest. September and October bring the fall colors and cooler temperatures, yet without the large flowing waterfalls we see in the spring. Yosemite Falls usually is dry. However, Yosemite is a National Park that remains beautiful throughout all seasons, even winter. Many of my couples elope in the winter with amazing photography. Look here at this Yosemite winter elopement.


How much does it cost to elope in Yosemite?

The cost of eloping in Yosemite is $150 for a Yosemite wedding permit. For a photographer, expect to spend anywhere from $1500 to $15,000 depending on the quality and experience of the photographer who knows all the secret locations, tricks around the park, best places for sunsets and sunrises, and more. An officiant will cost around $300 to $700 and I have access to officiants.



yosemite elopement adventure with couple holding at top of valley

elopement couple in yosemite with a creative night portrait with car lights



Ready to plan your Yosemite National Park Elopement or wedding?

Let’s talk and get you started.





All Photography by Charleton Churchill Photography



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Kaitlin and Evan from Lake Tahoe Wedding

Charleton is absolutely amazing! He has a great eye for bringing out the surrounding natural beauty in every single setting. His shots are unique and overwhelmingly beautiful. Charleton shot for my husband's sister's wedding and immediately after seeing her pictures we decided to book him for both our engagement shoot and wedding. He was actually the first vendor we booked for our wedding, having him be a part of our big day was that much of a priority for us. His work speaks for itself, but what the pictures don't show is the amount of great energy and love Charleton also brings to the shoot/big day. He makes you feel like a rockstar and pushes the envelope for location and approach of each picture. Couldn't recommend him enough, every minute you receive from Charleton is professional, genuine and of the utmost quality.

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My husband and I had the honor of having Mr. Churchill be our adventure wedding photographer. Our experience with Mr Churchill was complete bliss from the beginning. He was always quick to respond to all emails and communications. He made us feel completely comfortable, and was able to capture our wedding day in the most magical way, that went above and beyond our expectation. The level of expertise and vision Mr. Churchill provides is out of this world. We were honored to have him be apart of our special day.

Kaitlin and Evan from Lake Tahoe Wedding

Charleton absolutely blew us away with his incredible eye and ability to capture our moments! He did an absolutely incredible job not only on the wedding day but in making our engagement shoot special and a ton of fun. He was a pleasure to work with in the fun up, always understanding of the pressure we had from all the various vendors and by far among the easiest to work with. He's an awesome guy to boot! Highly recommend, you can trust him with such an important job.

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