Time to Cut

Dare I say? Starting tomorrow this photographer (me) is going shed 30lbs of weight and get back to my athlete weight, where I was last year in May 2009.  Last year I was about 168-172 range, working out about 6 days a week, eating healthy, basketball, cross training, climbing mountains, etc., and even climbed Denali in Alaska two years in a row, which got me down to 162.

(This is me on Mt. McKinley, Denali, Alaska, North America’s highest peak, 20, 320 ft., training grounds for Mt. Everest. After three weeks, I made it to the summit.  Great trip and wonderful new friends.  I lost 10 pounds on that three week trip alone, after I had trained hard, but mostly muscle mass was eaten up by the lack of oxygen.) Photo taken by Nathan Straubinger.

Then it happened, last year (2009), I dislocated my tail-bone coming down Mt. Hood at around 5a.m. glissading (descending mountain on butt with ice-axe as a break and control), where I fell out of control and landed my bottom end on a mound of ice (basically a boulder).  After that trip, my exercise came to a halt, and my photography business exploded. The more business I received, the more I sat near a computer, which sucked the life out of me.

(This was an image I shot on Mt. Hood, beginning of hogsback, around 3:30a.m., right before I hurt myself.  I climbed up near the summit, and noticed the path was closed by a wall, which nobody was going over, so I had to backtrack and traverse, go over and climb a steep incline by myself. Ice shards and pieces were fallling down here and there.  It was so steep, I was walking sideways on the edge of my feet to balance.  There were fumaroles below me, so if I fell that wouldn’t be good.  The week prior, a few people were flighted off because of being struck by ice chunks. My friend had his chin/lip cut open from falling ice also. I just turned around. Too risky.)

So, now it’s time to get serious. I have read all the books, seen the videos, studied all the nutrition books, diet books, and I know health, I know the debates of the carb-restriction/protein diets, consequences, and know the chemistry of weight gain, starving yourself, fasting, juicing, lack of sleep, stress, sugar, insulin, carbs, protein, meat and vegetables, how much somebody should weigh for their height and body build, BFP, and LBM, and all those terms, and I could probably lose weight myself, eventually.  However, this time, I’m going with a personal trainer.  I want someone to give me a plan and structure, and keep me accountable.  I plan is to lose 30 pounds  in 2-3 months, while retaining muscle. Whatever it takes, I have to do it. I want it bad enough. After I have lost it, I can then maintain. Who knows maybe I’ll be ready for Mt. Everest in 2012.  We shall see.


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