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So, I was just playing around with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS4. I was endeavoring to recreate an infrared photography look (without using an infrared filter) with my Yosemite portfolio, since I shot so many photographs there, the day after Christmas (a few years ago). After tweaking some images, and experimenting, I came up with something completely different, some rad image (not the one below, and yes I did say rad), which I am not going to reveal until later. I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone like it, but I could be totally lame and ignoramous. However, I need a bride or bride/groom to make it look really good. And it has nothing to do with infrared. Now, if I can remember how I created the image, and do it again with different elements and subjects, well then, I hope to blow your socks off later.

I have photographed an engagement session here in the Spring/Summer seasons, but I would love to shoot a Winter Wedding here someday. If a couple is gutsy enough, I’m so down for it. If I’m shooting your wedding next year 2011 or even 2012, and you plan on having some engagement session in the next six months or so, think about having your engagement session in Yosemite when it snows! That would be brave and fun. I have 4WD. Most of you know I’m a mountaineer who has climbed mountains, like Denali in Alaska. I’m prepared to work in the snow. Last time in Yosemite, I changed a flat tire in the snow, on an uphill grade, so I think we can endure anything. Any takers?

Anyway, enjoy my half-breed version of an Infrared image from my photographer road trip to Destination Yosemite. Having an infrared filter would have made this image perfect, but I’m not complaining.

infrared wedding photograph possibility at Yosemite


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