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Wedding at the Hyatt Regency Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Kelly and Heather married last month at the Lake Tahoe Hyatt Regency hotel. No doubt, I was honored to have been asked to document this military family wedding. Full respect here for those who serve and sacrifice to allow us the freedoms we enjoy. Even though there were respected servicemen present, there was also lots of laughter, comedy, smiles, and special family moments.

Kelly and Heather have a great story to tell. They have known and liked each other since they were kids. This day of celebration was a culmination of years spent together. According to their high school yearbook, they were “the couple most destined to stay together.” Not only have they known each other and been together for a long time, but their smiles radiated off one another. It’s as if they were on their first date. They are the sweetest couple. Kelly and Heather are friendly to anyone and respectful to their families who have raised them well. These type of weddings are inspiring. I appreciate the unique stories from every couple I photograph. Everyone has a story and I love learning about them. Congratulations to Kelly and Heather as they begin the other part of their story together.


Lake Tahoe Photographer:  Charleton Churchill
Wedding Planner: Red Carpet Events and Design, Reno/Tahoe, NV.
Decor/Florist: Red Carpet Events and Design
Makeup: Kiss and Makeup, Jennifer Holmes, Tahoe City, CA.
Hair Stylist: Victoria Peterson, Bay Area, CA.
DJ: Kevin from Extreme Productions
Officiant: Rev. Dave Beronio, Tahoe Wedding, Lake Tahoe
Venue Ceremony: Hyatt Regency Tahoe Hotel, Lake Tahoe, NV.
Venue Reception: Lone Eagle Grille Lakefront, Incline Village, NV.


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  • Bobbie Weeck - Beautiful pictures taken in North Shore Lake Tahoe. Such a beautiful place for a wedding. The pictures really captured the beautiful bridge and groom along with the venue. I have never seen such amazing work from photographer that the pictures look like they were taken in a studio.June 7, 2018 – 6:52 pmReplyCancel

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Tahoe Adventure Engagement Shoot

Sylvain and Angela contacted me to schedule their engagement session late one evening. I told them last minute I’m heading to the woods to photograph some wilderness photography tomorrow if they wanted to jump on board. While Angela was already in bed, they woke at 4a.m. and agreed to come along for the adventure and take the day off. They went shopping and drove quite a distance to meet up with me for the shoot. They put in the effort and brought some excellent outfits. We drove up together and captured some sweet photographs of the two of them. I also had this idea to drive up for some star photos since it was a new moon. I wanted to experiment with some night photography and I’m so glad they wanted to join me.

After our dinner together, we went out in the dark to get a few photos that I had envisioned (last image). We climbed this steep hill in pure darkness with sliding rocks and dirt, along with my camera gear. While I setup my camera gear and did some test photos, we kept probing the area with our headlamps to make sure we were still alone. Angela was wearing my warm red mountain jacket to keep warm in her dress. It was definitely an adventure at this point. I placed my  camera on some flat rocks to keep my camera from movement, rather than using a Tripod (which was too high anyway).  Sylvain and Angela were gracious allowing me to fudge around until I got what I wanted. I’m so thankful they came along and gave me some great images. I look forward to shooting their wedding in July of this year.

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