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South Lake Tahoe Wedding, Evan & Kaitlin
Photography by Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer, Charleton Churchill

To begin, Lake Tahoe is the second highest alpine lake in the world. It’s surrounding sierra mountains make it even more attractive. It provides couples the opportunity to have their wedding in such a captivating fashion. No doubt, Evan and Kaitlin’s wedding was a captivating one, as they had the ingredients to an epic wedding celebration. Thus, I’m grateful to be asked to photograph it.

In addition, they were a stellar couple with whom everyone respected and connected. They have a great story with great family. Moreover, Evan and Kaitlin’s chemistry is evident in how they treat each other. During our photo time, they were cuddling, hugging, smiling, and looking into each other’s eyes. Honestly, as a photographer, it makes my job enjoyable and easier to direct couples.

Getting ready.

Certainly it can’t be bad getting ready in a private estate lodge overlooking the crisp blue lake. Many of the guys ended up jumping off the dock into the lake. In that instance, we were there early scouting, so I had to use my iPhone 8. Apparently, it wasn’t bad. After that, and getting some images of Kaitlin, we drove down to the Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Tahoe City, for the ceremony. Nonetheless, it was packed. After family photos, we returned to their home in the Tahoe forest to celebrate with everyone, to walk along the beach, watch together as our couple planted a tree, to eat delicious food, and dance all night to the ridiculously talented live band.

I had photographed Evan’s sister’s wedding (Kelsey and Ryan) a few years back. Similarly, they planted a tree a few years ago, which is next to Evan and Kaitlin’s. So, I’m honored to have been invited to document another wedding of the family. Moreover, I’m thankful and I just want to say congratulations to Evan and Kaitlin, to the families.

destination lake tahoe wedding bride with picked up by groom on dock with cathedral veil green and blue water of tahoe west beach groom and groomsmen jumping off lake tahoe dock before wedding event groom and groomsmen swimming in lake tahoe inspirational bride in lodge overlooking lake tahoe getting makeup on by la-di-dah invitations and wedding rings on wood table in lodge inspiration paper wedding rings on wooded table bride getting ready with lake tahoe in a reflection brother of bride and guys putting on suits bridesmaids in robes laughing inside lodge of tahoe rental valentino shoes for the wedding day family brothers and father in lodge before west shore wedding groom shaving in west shore tahoe vacation home groom getting dressed in church showing off date on cuffs of tuxedo tahoe groom portraits wit a tuxedo at Corpus Christi Caltholic church for wedding day classic tuxedo groom portraits in tahoe bride and mother getting ready at tahoe vacation rental mother of bride putting on shoes in lake tahoe at cabin photo trick of bride duplicate in mirror tahoe bride in lodge before the ceremony at the church

inspirational lake tahoe bride with veil, dress, and bouquet in front of lodge tahoe lodge above the lake with bride showcasing her dress and cathedral veil view of lake tahoe from lodge rental bride getting in limo with father in south lake tahoe father of groom preparing for ceremony at corpus christi church destination wedding bride in limo candid photos of guests in corpus christi church in tahoe family guests at church before ceremony father and mother of groom in church tahoe wedding guets in tahoe city Corpus Christi Catholic church father and bride walking down aisle at tahoe city church for wedding day groom looking at his bride down the aisle of tahoe church father and bride hugging in church tahoe groom and bride in catholic church at Corpus Christi bride smiling at groom in church at Tahoe City tahoe city wedding ceremony venue with bride and groom sitting next to each other holding hands during tahoe ceremony of church a priest at corpus christi church officiates wedding in summer wedding tahoe city church wedding ceremony catholic church bride and groom praying holding hands with priest holding hand over head tahoe couple kiss after ceremony send off of wedding couple in church outside tahoe couple with family and friends outside church tahoe bride and groom creative photography in natural light lake tahoe wedding photography of couple in forest in natural light kiss of bride to groom in tahoe forest on private estate in south lake tahoe sunset wedding couple photos in trees with tuxedo bride and groom wedding photos in lake tahoe south shore south lake tahoe private estate wedding photos of bride and groom through the forest south lake tahoe couple walking on dock of beach south lake tahoe wedding bridal veil being blown in wind with groom on the dock with a boat tahoe couple holding each other with lake behind them after ceremony romantic wedding couple in lake tahoe on dock with veil blowing in the wind epic south lake tahoe wedding photography in top destination locations on lake dock tahoe groom photos in forest wearing tuxedo tahoe bride showing off her dress and bouquet on private estate south lake epic rehearsal drone shot in lake tahoe lake tahoe decor and catering lake tahoe table decor of reception dinner table shots of plates and golden spoons and forks with green and white plants tahoe outside reception ideas and inspiration seating charts for tahoe reception cake and desserts for wedding on Tahoe private estate lake tahoe private estate wedding property drone toasting of couple planting a tree as a tradition for wedding lake tahoe private property wedding as father toasts to couple sister of groom sharing a toast at cabin vacation home in tahoe tahoe wedding couple to plant a tree after ceremony wedding ceremony planting a tree in the ground with groom and bride shoveling dirt wedding day candid photos in tuxedos and classy attire wedding guests candids photos of tahoe guests on private estate table photos of guests at reception in tahoe grandma at wedding with guests fun candids of guests at wedding in tahoe more table candid guests shots group photos at tahoe wedding more candids of guests at beach in lake tahoe father and two brothers talk before the reception starts bride and groom entrance of reception with tahoe trees in south lake tahoe hugs and emotional moments to begin reception father toasting during the catering mothers laugh at speech by the father toasting inspirational wedding reception laughter moments of couple in tahoe fun couple wedding photo journalistic moments during reception reception of guests at tables all around trees tahoe couple makes funny faces during ceremony tahoe father toats on reception wedding toasting champaign glasses in the air in south lake tahoe father of the bride in tahoe reception bride gets emotional in lake tahoe wedding reception bride toasting with cheers high fives to the father of tahoe bride groom and bride laughing during wedding event in south lake tahoe both fathers hug inspiring entrance of tahoe wedding couple tahoe wedding couple cutting the cake black and white bride and groom feed each other in tahoe lodge on wedding day after cutting cake, wedding couple kisses and cheers groom being funny after wedding cake cutting live band at tahoe wedding reception with groom dancing with bride on first dance first dance of bride and groom with live band in background wedding guests watching as couple dances to live music in vacation lodge in south lake tahoe dancing in the lights, the couple in tahoe shares a kiss bride and groom first dance in tahoe lodge first dance with the bride and father father of bride dancing witih his daughter south lake mother of groom dancing in lodge groom and mother dancing sharing a laughter during the mother son dance reception party dancing in tahoe event live band plays during reception

fun reception candids in tahoe party last bride and groom dancing before party ends lodge room dancing during reception and chandeliers in lake tahoe epic lake tahoe wedding reception room photo everyone dancing and lights high ceiling lodge in south lake


Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors

Wedding Venue: Private Estate, South Lake Tahoe, CA.
Ceremony: Corpus Christi Catholic Church
Photographer: Charleton Churchill
Event Planner: Every Elegant Detail, Janece Shellooe, Amelia Thomas
Catering: Componere Fine Catering,
More Catering: Blend Catering, Randy Peters Catering
Cake and Desserts:  Lake Tahoe Cakes
Design & Floral:  Brown Paper Designs, Danielle Rowe
Hair and Make-up:  La Di Da, Laura Garcia
Band:  Hip Service Steve Bloom
Videographer:  ByDesign Films