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Here are some of the magazine style images of the Bridal Fashion Session we had up in the mountains last month.  Great weather, great day.  We left early in the morning and shot for a little over half the day trying out different locations with different lighting, ring-flashes, battery kits, strobes, as well as the natural light.  If you purchase a wedding collection or package through Charleton Churchill Photography, a Bridal Fashion Session is an option, and is equivalent to  an engagement session cost.  I wanted to illustrate what a bride can anticipate when she purchases this option.  Lynn Holmes did an excellent job in this shoot as the model, as well as Travis (who loves O’s cereal).  Actually we stopped at Kirkwood where there was still a load of snow and ice rivers. So, Lynn started at about 5:30a.m. in the snowy weather in the 20’s for a bikini shot in the misty sunrise.  Ciara Hernandez was along the journey assisting me with make-up for Lynn, holding the reflector, adjusting lights, being blown away by the wind, video taping, and with whatever needed assistance!  We have so many more good quality images to choose from, but when you blog, you can only squeeze in so many without clogging up a web page. If you come to my studio by the end of the summer, and I should have a 10×15 complete Album portfolio for you all to view of this session.

TERESA + RUDY – e-Shoot!!!

This is Rudy and Teresa. They both were my first officially booked wedding for next year, May 2010, before anything got off the ground, but Teresa believed in me and my style, and that’s what made our session so gravy. They bought the package that included an engagement (e-shoot) session. I had plenty of photos to choose from, but I can only post so many preview images these days. Check them out. Later, when I get to processing the rest, I may show some more, if I’m able.
















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  • Amber Loiler - Charleton these are incredible! Creative and mature, you’ve really pulled this couple’s personality into their photos. They’re going to be VERY happy when it comes to their wedding package!October 18, 2009 – 3:10 pmReplyCancel