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Adventure wedding Photography in Glacier National Park, Montana

Adventurous couple, Brent and Emily, called me and wanted an adventure elopement somewhere in the mountains. Their desire was to hike and stand on a peak overlooking beautiful scenery. They wanted a wedding ceremony with close family away from the crowds. They wanted something epic and beautiful. I typically explore and photograph couples for a few days on my wedding adventures, but this couple simply wanted an epic ceremony with some beautiful photos. After the ceremony in the following days, their plans were to hike and explore on their own as a united family.  As a result, Montana was chosen as the adventure destination and we started planning.

I arrived a little early to hike myself, scope out locations for the future couples, and just to explore Glacier National Park. I stayed at Many Glacier Lodge the first night and met people over food sharing stories. What I found interesting is that many of them had encounters with grizzly bears. One of the couples had run into a grizzly along the trail within 20 feet or so. They had to walk backwards along the trail for about 15 minutes as the bear followed their pace. They even collected other hikers behind them until the group size grew too large for the bear to continue. I saw a few grizzly bears my first day there, but they were busy eating plants.

The next day I hiked near fifteen miles, mostly with a couple I had just met on the trail. They were good people and conversationalists. Not only were we beat up after the trail with blisters, but I would hike the same trail again the next day with my wedding couple. My couple saw the video I posted and loved the area. We had contemplated other trails, but this looked great to them for a private ceremony.

I woke early the next morning to meet them for the hike before sunrise on the “Going-to-the-sun-road. We were all in good spirits and having conversation along the trail. After eight miles, we arrived to our iconic location, taking a break, and preparing for the ceremony. Even though it was hazy from the California fires, along with the harsh lighting from the dominating high noon sun, it was still breathtaking. Brent had his two daughters along and Emily, her two sons. They all took part in the ceremony, dressed up, and ushered in each other. Once Brent saw Emily in her wedding dress, he became emotional. Their first priority was to pray, intertwine hands, and show their completeness and commitment as a family. It was powerful.

They then exchanged vows and rings overlooking the lakes and mountains around us. Their kids watched with anticipation as tears formed. Thankfulness overwhelmed my heart because I was present to witness and capture this unique family’s moment on top of a mountain. I just can’t believe I get to do this with people. After the ceremony, Brent walked over and held his two girls snug for a long time, taking in the moment. Even I was caught up.

We then took a few family photos, captured some bride and groom photos at the top, then prepared to return down the mountain. I had mentioned to the Emily that my brides don’t ever hike very far in a wedding dress and usually change before hiking in or out, even though I did have a Yosemite bride hike to Vernal Falls and back. Emily took that as a challenge to hike the entire eight miles back in her wedding dress, which she accomplished. By the time we reached the trail head, everyone was toast and wiped out.

Our trip was short, but successful. I hope to return to Montana for more wedding and elopement adventures, as there’s more to see and photograph. Congratulations to Emily, Brent, and their awesome family.


going to the sun road near highline loop trail many glacier lodge sunset evening many glaciers hotel summer August with canoes canoes and lake front of Many Glaciers Hotel lodging for wedding sunset at Many Glaciers lodge in Babb, Montana for adventure family on montana trail for a hike early morning hike with osprey backpacks, wedding bouquets, and a couple family elopepment in Montana on trail for a ceremony adventure bride with bridesmaids in Glacier National Park overlooking mountains before ceremony wedding family on way to adventure hike adventurous bride getting ready with makeup and hair on top of peak in Glacier park bride on adventure elopement getting makeup and hair fixed before a wedding montana family taking a break on the trail adventure wedding ceremony in glacier national park on top of a montana mountain peak groom first look in Montana national park bridesmaids and groomsmen on adventure wedding hike in national park in Montana with bride father with his two daughters in montana before a ceremony at a summit bride, groom, and wedding party on a Montana mountain top in the summer in glacier bride being escorted on a summit peak trail by groomsmen near grinnell lake first look of the groom with a view of grinnell lake emotional groom in hiking attire with bride for first look family and wedding party praying just before adventure wedding ceremony on top of epic mountain wedding ceremony in Glacier National Park on mountain peak with bridesmaids and groomsmen couple getting married on a mountain bridesmaids and groomsmen watch during montana adventure ceremony epic mountain top elopment ceremony in glacier national park big hug after ceremony on top of glacier national park peak view putting on the ring father holding his daughters after elopment ceremony glacier natioinal park family photos after elopement ceremony in Montana, epic and dressed up toasting just after getting married in Montana adventure bride and groom hike in their wedding dress on glacier park trail with backpacks groom helping bride up the rocky terrain in montanas national park hiker bride and groom backpackers who are getting married on the summit peak of a mountain adventurous wedding photography in Montana glacier park epic wedding photos in glacier national park Montana with hikers and backpackers backpackers getting married in the mountains and wilderness in Montana glacier national park wedding photographer captures moment on montana peak for a ceremony epic montana wedding photos of adventurous couple adventure wedding photography in Montana on top of a mountian for epic photos adventure eloping couple gets married in Montana epic adventure wedding photos at Glacier National Park with photographer Charleton Churchill hiking the glacier park trail with wedding couple backpacking wedding couple get married on trail to summit hiking back to trail head in glacier married hikers on way back from wedding ceremony on the mountain wedding hikers backpacking their way back from event montana wedding photographer in glacier park with couple wedding photos in glacier wedding hiking boots on trail wild goat on trail adventure wedding photography in glacier national park adventure hiking couple gets married by photographer couple married in montana hiking back to car



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Wedding at the Hyatt Regency Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Kelly and Heather married last month at the Lake Tahoe Hyatt Regency hotel. No doubt, I was honored to have been asked to document this military family wedding. Full respect here for those who serve and sacrifice to allow us the freedoms we enjoy. Even though there were respected servicemen present, there was also lots of laughter, comedy, smiles, and special family moments.

Kelly and Heather have a great story to tell. They have known and liked each other since they were kids. This day of celebration was a culmination of years spent together. According to their high school yearbook, they were “the couple most destined to stay together.” Not only have they known each other and been together for a long time, but their smiles radiated off one another. It’s as if they were on their first date. They are the sweetest couple. Kelly and Heather are friendly to anyone and respectful to their families who have raised them well. These type of weddings are inspiring. I appreciate the unique stories from every couple I photograph. Everyone has a story and I love learning about them. Congratulations to Kelly and Heather as they begin the other part of their story together.


Lake Tahoe Photographer:  Charleton Churchill
Wedding Planner: Red Carpet Events and Design, Reno/Tahoe, NV.
Decor/Florist: Red Carpet Events and Design
Makeup: Kiss and Makeup, Jennifer Holmes, Tahoe City, CA.
Hair Stylist: Victoria Peterson, Bay Area, CA.
DJ: Kevin from Extreme Productions
Officiant: Rev. Dave Beronio, Tahoe Wedding, Lake Tahoe
Venue Ceremony: Hyatt Regency Tahoe Hotel, Lake Tahoe, NV.
Venue Reception: Lone Eagle Grille Lakefront, Incline Village, NV.


lake tahoe Hyatt regency wedding photos hyatt regency tahoe wedding on the lawn with the blue lake and mountains in the background bridesmaids with bride in robes tahoe groom in military uniform on wedding day bride getting dressed at the Hyatt bridal photos at hyatt tahoe first look of the father and bride at lone eagle grille father daughter moment father of the bride photos candids and formal mother and father of bride pinning on the details tahoe hyatt lawn ceremony site with florals and a simple arch overlooking the tahoe sandy beach rose and floral to decorate ceremony arch beach of incline village lake tahoe lawn ceremony military groom walking both mothers down the aisle at hyatt regency tahoe flower girls and ring bearer walking down aisle bride escorted by father in incline village wedding ceremony first look during the hyatt ceremony father escorting daughter bride down the aisle traditional first look at they hyatt lawn very first look during tahoe ceremony with smile of groom groom and father hug and shake hands bride laughter during ceremony at eagle grille incline village smiling groom exchanging vows in military navy uniform mother and father of bride celebrating at daughter father and mother of groom in ceremony at lone eagle hyatt resort tahoe wedding on lawn at lone eagle grille venue bridesmaid happy in red at lake tahoe resort north shore Hyatt Regency Wedding ceremony on lawn in Incline Village NV. welcome to our happily ever after sign during ceremony bride and navy groom exchanging vows just before the kiss you are pronounced husband and wife top wedding lake tahoe wedding ceremony venues groom helping bride put on her shoes, a candid moment wedding couple photos in front of the lone eagle grille Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort wedding photos of bride and groom on dock in front of lone eagle grille natural wedding photos with light source with blue lake tahoe behind couple photos on the beach of tahoe north lake tahoe wedding day portraits of bride and groom, and groom in white military navy uniform sunset wedding photos in incline village, nv. at top hyatt resort hotel hyatt tahoe sunset wedding photos on lake tahoe more sunset wedding photos in white on tahoe north shore beautiful sunset photos of couple just married at casino and spa resort of Tahoe Hyatt rich sunset photos of hyatt regency couple in tahoe event decor from Red Carpet events and design tahoe military navy wedding cake in lake tahoe Red Carpet design of wedding at Hyatt Resort table decor and evnvelope cards box bride and groom table decor by Red Carpet events and design tahoe nevada drapes for hyatt wedding by Red Carpet design entrance of swords of by military of couple during reception at Lone Eagle Grille first dance with lights bride and groom the dip of the bride by groom at reception of lone eagle grille father of bride giving a speech tears of happiness at table of lone eagle reception room happiness of hyatt couple during event at lone eagle giving mom credit during reception emotional evening of wedding couple and family, mom and dad receiving credit father of groom saying he wouldn groom tearing up during father happiness at reception by couple first dance of the father and daughter dance with lake tahoe in the background happy father daughter first dance at hyatt lone eagle mother son dance cake cutting with a military sword. cutting the cake together in lone eagle wedding venue reception hall kiss during the reception silhouette of tahoe sunset north lake tahoe incline village






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