Made Cover of National Photography Magazine, Digital PhotoPro mag

I’m so grateful to share this news…my image made cover of Digital PhotoPro Magazine, a respected national photography industry magazine. I woke up to some texts and hashtags with my name involved in a magazine I interviewed with a few months ago.

adventure wedding photographer front cover of wedding magazine digital photopro August 2016


I saw one Instagram post with someone’s workflow showing some cameras, computers, and magazines with my image on the front of one of the photo magazines, Digital PhotoPro Magazine, a national photography magazine that I respect. I was thinking, wait a minute, this can’t be right, I remember they interviewed me for an article on adventure wedding photography, but there was not talks about front cover.  So, when I went to verify it on the web, there it was, my image on the front cover of the magazine. I was blown away, humbled once again. God is good and I’m blessed to be where I am in my career with support from many friends and photographers in the industry. Thank you Digital PhotoPro magazine for making my day, and thank you David Schloss for the wonderful compliments.

You can pick up a copy at your local Barnes and Noble bookstore.



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Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine

I’m excited to share in being featured in one of the top photography industry magazines which I’ve been a subscriber to for a while. I’m proud that some of my greatest adventure weddings and shoots have been recognized and showcased here in this popular photography magazine.  Thank you to Professional Photographer Magazine and to Jeff Kent for the gracious interview.  My wedding from last year’s Mt. Everest Base camp wedding and Nepal earthquake story made one of the first images on this page, which was original and meaningful. There are other images here in Yosemite near half-dome, Alaska’s ice-cave snowy engagement shoot, and Kauai’s wedding underneath the stars. More are images are featured in the magazine that have been part of my real wedding adventures, which you can view when you pick up a magazine. Here are few pages from the magazine.


published featured in professional photographer magazine adventure weddings Charleton churchillfeatured in one of top photography industry magazineadventure weddings featured in photographer magazineprofessional photographer magazine balance June 2016


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