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Gabe and Lu rocked their wedding this last weekend, Canadian, German, and American style!  Although they live in the Bay Area, (Mountain View, Ca.,) they married in Arnold, California (near Murphys, Ca.), and many flew out from Germany and Canada. Lu and Gabe were definitely in love, and they genuinely celebrated with all their family and friends.  The wedding took place on some beautiful property with a small lake off hwy 4, and a newly built beautiful log cabin, where I hope to stay soon.  Josh Heller and his family own the property, and they catered the event.  They worked hard for so many guests.  It was also nice to meet up with Jillian’s day spa once again. My photographer and I loved hanging out with our new friends, and enjoying the great salmon.  I learned from a guest that in Germany everyone in the family brings cakes to the wedding, so it’s not one giant cake, but all kinds and sizes.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind that at all.  Lastly, after displaying some of my images, a few asked if I am willing to shoot weddings in Europe, and I of course said definitely.  I do travel, and I love to travel, so hopefully I will be getting a few European weddings out of this… (wink, wink).  Anyway, here are some of the images from their wedding…

Wedding Photographer:  Charleton Churchill Photography
Location:  Josh Heller and Family
Catering:  On Scene BBQ and Catering
Cakes:   Family and On Scene BBQ and Catering
Make-up and Hair:  Jillian’s Day Spa
D.J.:  D.J. DAVE  (Dave Metildi)
FLORIST:  Columbia Nursery and Florist

romantic bride and groom

bride and groom shoes photograph

bride groom at farm windows

bridal dress in cabin window wedding

mother daughter at salon together

black and white bride posing window farm

hollywood style bride in cabin

hollywood spotlight on bride posewedding party bride groom barn

bridesmaids friends together photographs

wedding party laughing together

Canadian wedding guitar player at ceremony

bride groom laughing officiator ceremony

flower girls at German wedding

German wedding photography ceremony

bride groom kissing near lake in Murphy's, Ca.

groom posing out door

groom posing with wedding suit

groomsman photograph at Murphy's, Ca.  group pose

father daughter dance German wedding

Bride and groom beautiful dance

bridal bouquet toss party

groom garter toss dance

father daughter hugging at wedding

wedding setup tables and chairs night

Groom and bride front of barn


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