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I love photographing modern weddings, but I also love capturing high school seniors fashionably.  I can express my ideas and vision not limited to a location, time, nor outfits. I have more say in the vision than a wedding.  Also, I am only giving direction and focused on one person in front of the camera.  Lastly, so many teens live in an insecure world of comparison and by default just want to look good and fit in.  We all do, but the pressure on teenagers is amplified.  When teens are looking to get high school senior photos, they are wanting something extraordinary and epic.  So, when families contact me for senior photos, they are not going to get a cookie-cutter, walk-in, walk-out senior photos. I don’t work like that.  If you’re coming to me, it means you want something more than just quick photos.

I have been photographing seniors recently, and wanted to share a few images from Bret Harte high school senior, Erika.  It seems I photograph many seniors from Amador County, primarily Argonaut high school and Amador high school.  I have photographed seniors from Calaveras High and Bret Harte as you can see here on the American High School photoshoot.  I’m starting to shoot more Calaveras County seniors now, and I’m excited to expand.

Here’s the video slideshow on Youtube CLICK HERE:

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Amador High School Senior Portrait
Couture Seniors – Robin Peters

I have been ridiculously photographing senior portraits for the last month, and there are more to come (with a new website among other things coming soon…).

I just finished photographing high school senior Robin Peters an hour ago.   She’s a sweet girl.  She wanted an Audrey Hepburn theme and most of the photographs we took were in my studio with the help of her wonderful mother!  I am currently uploading my images and backing up, and then backing up again, as I typically do after a session.  I took one of the images that grabbed my eye, and tweaked it a little.  We had photographed mostly in my studio today, but we took the last fifteen minutes outside downtown for a few ideas I had since she took the time to design this very outfit for her senior shoot (she’s very talented).  This image is very dramatic, and I don’t put up previews anymore for portraits (unless it’s a wedding or engagement session), but this is more of a vision I had rather than a typical senior portrait.  This is more of a Fine Art Photograph Senior Portrait duo shot.  I will be showing off some of her Audrey Hepburn photographs probably later in May.  She really does resemble her!

By the way, I have a new project coming out sometime in May.  I have been working on several projects, prioritizing my time at work, researching, reading, and trying to push myself and go deeper.   That’s the reason I have been off Facebook for a while because I can easily get sucked into the social media world without accomplishing much personal work.  More to come and share this year!


high fashion senior portraits Charleton Churchill

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