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California High School Senior Portrait Photography
Photographer, Charleton Churchill

I have been working with high school students for a long time and photographing seniors is top on my list. It is always an adventure when I’m out photographing soon-to-be graduates because the ones that contact me for photographs do not want cookie cutter senior portrait photos; they are looking for something with style and fashion, something that looks cool. One of the writers for a well-known photographic magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, interviewed me about my senior photography work, and told me on the phone, “many people say their high school senior photos look cool, but when I see your high school senior photography, your seniors really do display cool.” I believe with a little direction, a senior can look cool and fashionable.

With Morgan, a senior at Amador High School, and her beautiful horse, we captured not only the cool, but also the sweet and hardworking girl she is to her friends and family. One of the many great features about Morgan, besides being Miss Amador, is that she has been selected as the highest ranking graduate of her class, the role of Valedictorian. Congratulations to Morgan and her hard work. Here are some images from her senior session.
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High School senior portraits and weddings are what I love photographing the most.  Here are a few images from Hailey’s senior session from Bret Harte high school in Calaveras County.  Something a little different and fresh.  If you didn’t see, Rangerfinder magazine (a photographer’s magazine)  featured my high school senior portrait work in last month’s issue, and highlighted the American high school senior shoot I did last year in the river.  Check out the shoot here (American High School Session).  You can read the article here: Rangefinder Magazine feature.

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