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My daughter is stinking too smart, and she’s always looking at how I’m editing and shooting my sessions, looking at my fashion magazines and what not. Child photography can be quite fun.  We did a short session, like 20 minutes across the street in Jackson, and she just owned the camera. She’s going to pass her dad up someday.  When we got back, she already knew how to edit the image as we were looking through them.  She saying things like, “oh dad, fix the sunburn under my eyes, and the color temperature is not right (she actually said color, but that’s what she meant).  Who knows, maybe she’ll become a photographer as well.  Here are a few images I’m throwing up.  Mom likes the smiley ones more, but I decided to put some attitude up today.

child girl in field photography

kids photography in field blue jeans

girl in Field with cute outfit photograph

girl laughing in field with outfit

child girl photography sitting in field