South Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer, Engagement Session

I photographed a few engagement sessions this weekend in Lake Tahoe, mostly in South Lake. While there’s currently not much snow here, I photographed a few amazing couples who were well prepared. If I had more time, I would blog many of the images I have been shooting this weekend, but I’m posting less these days. You can at least see on Facebook some of the work when I can’t blog. I really want to spend more time in the creative process. I’m trying to push myself this year to go beyond what I’m comfortable with and explore, study, read, experiment. I want to at least share an image from yesterday’s engagement session, more of an artistic twist, which I had envisioned before I came. I realized after I had cropped it, that it looked more like a CD cover for a band.

engagement photography south Lake Tahoe

Actually, I’ll add another

South Lake Tahoe Golf course engagment session



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