Kirkwood Wedding Photographer, Snowy Engagement Session

snowy engagement pictures neare Kirkwood, bear river, and Carson Pass

Hello friends, I just returned from a snowy engagement session up the hill from where I live with Casey and Jessica, great couple! Today was perfect because the weather changed from sunny to cloudy, which gave us a variety of photographs and lighting. Here is an image from today’s session as my images are currently uploading. (For those of you who have been asking me, there is a frozen lake behind them, and they are standing on a ledge which drops down to the lake.  Yes, a little dangerous, but we were within the safety zone, and we captured many great images today).

Typically, with portrait sessions and engagement sessions, most photographers will photograph whatever clients bring to the session because our job is to capture you at your best. However, if you’re a photographer, then you’re an artist (or at least in my opinion you should be). Photography involves more than just taking pictures of people. You’re title may be “(fill in the blank) photographer”, but to create those amazing-wow-factor-images, you’ll soon see as an artist, your “PHOTOGRAPHER” title is just one of many titles in the creative process. An example title of a photographer is a visionary. He/she should be able to see. I’m not talking about a cute backdrop with flowers, I’m talking about the chemistry and feeling of that image. They look at the natural world and the subjects within it, and decide how to morph it into something that moves us inside. That’s what I’m hunting for when I’m photograph people; something that moves me.

To learn more of what I’m talking about, I’ll be hosting a workshop in Las Vegas on Saturday, February 18, 2012.  We will have a few talented models with great locations. I’ll be explaining and teaching throughout the day as we all photograph together. If you are interested, there are spaces still available (a limited 15-20 group size). Please click here to view the details and register. I hope to see you there with us.




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