San Francisco Wedding Photographer, Oakland LDS Temple, Shane and Amelia

Many of you remember the time I was harassed by the Stockton Sheriff with my information sent over to the Dept. of defense for photographing an engaged couple (with permission) at the Stockton Metro Airport vintage yard with old planes. Well, this is the couple below that I photographed during that engagement session.  Shane and Amelia love each other, and it shows with their continuous smiles to each other.  I had a pleasant time with them, and their family and friends were so warm and kind to us.  Shane and Amelia held their wedding at the LDS Temple in Oakland, and my other photographer captured many family photos just after walking out of the temple.  We then headed over to San Francisco downtown for some wedding party, and bride and groom photographs, in an alley where graffiti was norm.  A nice change up.  We walked along the street looking for props and colors.  We then drove down to Santa Clara for a warm reception with beautiful toasts and enthusiastic dancing!  Beautiful couple, family, and friends. Here are a couple of images from that wedding.

Wedding Photographer: Charleton Churchill Photography

Wedding Ceremony: Oakland LDS Temple, Oakland, CA.

Wedding Reception: Fiorillas Restuarant, Santa Clara, Ca.

Catering: Fiiorillas Restuarant, Santa Clara, Ca.


Oakland LDS Temple for wedding photography with the water fountain in the front

bride and groom in front of LDS Temple in Oakland on the bridge walkway

Groom and groomsmen downtown San Francisco for wedding party photographs near Mission Blvd

Bride with bridesmaids downtown San Francisco putting on the model moves near graffiti alley on Mission Blvd

wedding party of LDS Temple photographs in San Francisco downtown during the wedding celebration

intimate shot in stairway at the Oakland LDS temple by photographer Charleton Churchill

bride and groom walking across the street in downtown San Francisco for their wedding day

bride and groom with graffiti writer behind them in alley of Mission blvd for wedding photographs

bride and groom writing graffiti on the wall in san Francisco for wedding photography

bride and groom on LDS Temple wall in Oakland for their wedding

model bride posing on the Oakland Latter-day Saints Wall in Oakland, California

groom posing at the Santa Clara University under the arch on their wedding day for photographs

bride groom being cute and funny on top of the temple of Oakland LDS wedding event

bride and groom in stairway of latter-day Saints temple for their special romantic honeymoon shots

groom holding bride on the bride of the Oakland Temple near S.F.

Bride and Groom now married are holding each other at the Santa Clara University on their wedding day


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