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First of all, hello. Thank you for visiting. If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re interested in an elopement or an Alaskan wedding. Or maybe you’re here because you want a couples adventure session in the wild. No doubt, Alaska is epic and beautiful. If you’re looking for the top adventure wedding photos, Denali National Park has some of the tallest mountains in the USA. In fact, it has the highest mountain in all of North America, known as Denali, or Mt. McKinley.

Alaskan Wedding Photographer

Moreover, if you’re looking for a seasoned professional photographer to guide you throughout Denali National Park, look no further. I’m also looking for a few adventurous couples. If interested, please contact me.

About my Photography and Mountain Experience

Without going into detail, you can visit my about page. Not only am I an award-winning destination photographer who has been published around the world, but also I’m a seasoned mountaineer. I have climbed Denali and have led teams up mountains. Additionally, I was the first wedding photographer to take a couple up to Mt. Everest base camp for their wedding photos. They married in a wedding dress and tuxedo and it had never been done before. Needless to say, It went viral internationally.

Additionally, I hold a W.F.R. certification (Wilderness First Responder). I am all about safety.

Book your Alaska Wedding and receive an Album

So, I would love to plan your epic adventure with you to create the most beautiful wedding photos. Moreover, the first two couples to book their session in Alaska will have my travel/lodging fee dropped. Additionally, they will receive an album credit of $400. However, this offer does not apply to previous couples who have booked with me or couples who are currently booked with me.

Below are some images from a recent Alaska adventure session where we hiked in the snow to an ice cave and through a glacier.



alaska elopement on a glacier
wedding in alaska
winter wedding in wild alaska in Juneau
denali national park wedding elopement photographer
wedding in the alaskan winter
alaska bridal photos in the snow of winter
fairbanks alaska wedding photos
fairbanks elopement photographer
denali national park wedding photography by photographer charleton churchill
denali alaska fairbanks wedding photographer
anchorage wedding photographer in the snow of the wilderness
bald eagle with an eloping couple in alaska
wedding couple in alaska in Juneau
ice cave wedding photography in alaska glacier
married in an ice-cave by eloping in alaska

mountaineer wedding photographer backpacking in Alaska for their elopement photos

Possible Alaska Elopement Photography locations:

  • Denali National Park and Preserve
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Talkeenta, Alaska (this is where you fly out to Denali Mountain)
  • Chugach National Forest and Mountains
  • Juneau, Alaska
  • Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Kodiak Island
  • Fox Islands, UnAlaska Island
  • Other Locations not mentioned


How to book

Visit my contact page. Send me an email. Or you can call me at (209) 459-HIKE.


Other Wedding Photos of Charleton Churchill Photography

mt. everest wedding photos by charleton churchill

adventure wedding photographer charleton churchill on Mt. Everest base camp photographing wedding couple with a prophoto light and Nikon D850

yosemite wedding on top of taft point by charleton churchill

candid wedding natural smiles wedding send off witih sparklers and happy couple

elopement wedding photos at Yosemite National park during sunset

starry night wedding couple underneath stars in destination wedding sky


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Yosemite Family Wedding Military Story | Glacier Point Elopement

Glacier Point Yosemite Family Wedding Military Story
Taft Point, Yosemite Valley Elopement Photos

glacier point elopement sunrise yosemite

Early morning Sunrise Yosemite Family Wedding Ceremony

We met in the morning for sunrise at Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park. Michael and Neisa were going to elope here to make it official. They brought their two adventurous kids with them, whom I wanted to adopt. They are such a great family and I enjoyed adventuring with them for the day. There are some images below to share their Yosemite elopement ceremony.

However, different from my other weddings and elopements in Yosemite, there’s more to this Yosemite family wedding story than an elopement in a National Park. Both Michael and Neisa met in the service together. Michael was hit by a IED (improvised explosive device or roadside bomb). And rather than me tell the story, I’d like to allow Neisa to share the story in her own words:

Michael and Neisa’s Military Story

Michael and I served in the Army together, and were stationed in El Paso, TX at Fort Bliss. Right before our unit deployed to Iraq, Michael got transferred into the company I was working in. We first met in Kuwait, while awaiting to be mobilized into Iraq. We were in Iraq for a little longer than a year, frequently working on missions together, and became very close.

Struck by an IED

Toward the end of our deployment, Michael’s Humvee was struck by an IED (improvised explosive device or roadside bomb). He suffered several injuries, including severe trauma to his left hand (eventually leading to the amputation of his pinky finger), multiple shrapnel wounds all over his body, and a perforated femoral artery in his right thigh. He was medically evacuated into Germany, and eventually back to the US.

Surgeries, Purple Heart, and Family

Over the course of the following months he underwent seven surgeries, including one to harvest a nerve from his leg in order to replace the damaged nerve in his left hand. He was awarded a Purple Heart for the injuries he sustained while in combat. I was the commander’s driver, and while my truck was struck several times with IED’s and gun fire from the enemy, I was very fortunate to be able to finish the deployment with the rest of the unit, as a few of our friends did not. Michael and I reunited a few months later when I returned to the US. Our son, Luccas, was born a year later, right before we both got out of the Army, and our daughter, Brooklyn, was born the following year. We have been one big happy family ever since =).

Warning graphic images below Elopement Images.

We are attaching some pictures for you to get a better understanding (Michael’s injuries, surgeries, amputation, his truck post-IED, receiving his Purple Heart, and a couple of me while infiltrated into an Iraqi home, waiting for the bad guys who set the IED’s to show up), but they are quite graphic so beware!



double exposure yosemite
family elopement at glacier point
family yosemite elopement sunrise at glacier point
reading vows early at sunrise elopement ceremony
expressions of father and daughter at glacier
husband reading vows in mountain
romantic wedding ceremony at Glacier point yosemite
yosemite eloping photographer
eloping with family and kids at yosemite park
family photos in yosemite
bride and groom portraits on glacier point road
children at glacier point and half-dome in suits and dresses
couples eloping portraits with half-dome in the background
half-dome wedding photos
nevada falls couples photos after wedding ceremony
valley of yosemite wedding photos by photographer charleton
wilderness wedding couple in the street of yosemite
wedding couple standing in the yosemite road with redwood trees
family dressed up in the Yosemite wilderness for a family picture
military couple married in the yosemite park
creative family photos  after eloping in the national park
kids watching their family kiss in yosemite
Yosemite National park elopement couple kissing with kids cheering for them
yosemite family photo on a log in the woods
candid family photos in the Yosemite valley wilderness
cute kids while mom and dad kiss after wedding
photojournalistic yosemite family after wedding in the woods
hands of family holding pine cones in yosemite witih military vet hand amputated
sky blue background with only the wedding couple
mom with daughter and father with son next to the yosemite river
bridalveil falls wedding couple with waterfall in the background at tunnel view with nikon 70-200mm lens
yosemite falls wedding couple getting wet by the mist
eloping couple dancing at Yosemite Falls waterfall getting wet
taft point sunset couple photography at the rock cliff
epic taft point wedding photographer during sunset
family photos at taft point yosemite national park on glacier point road
yosemite wedding photographer at taft point during sunset
epic taft yosemite couple as sunset begins
natural light photography during sunset of candid couple in yosemite
classic taft point wedding photos
candid natural smiles at yosemite park
hiking boots for elopement family

Michael and Neisa’s Military Story Photos. Graphic images below




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