Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer | Grand Teton National Park

Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer at the Grand Teton National Park
Adventure Elopement and Wedding Photographer Charleton Churchill

It’s always anticipating to return to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to adventure with wedding couples amongst the Grand Teton National Park. Jackson Hole has much to offer for destination weddings and elopements that I receive requests to photograph there often. It has all the rugged mountain scenery, lakes, and trails anyone needs for epic mountain photos. The Tetons showcase that jagged peak look, which brings in that intimidating formidable look to my photos. I’m pleased to share some of Jeremie and Aysegul’s Teton elopement photography, my most adventure wedding. There’s much to share, but I’ll keep it short.


moose at wedding in grand teton national park



If you want get hitched, there are many popular Jackson Hole Wedding venues available in the area; more than I can list here. Diamond Cross Ranch, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snow King Resort, Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club, Four Seasons Resort, and Jackson Museum of Wildlife Art are among them. If you want to elope in Jackson Hole, then you book an adventure elopement photographer who knows the area well. That’s where I enter.

I guide my wedding couples to scenic locations, popular or unique, like here on this Grand Teton Couples Adventure. Hiking with my couples, short distances or longer, is usually part of the day. Sometimes, we just pull over if the light is good or there’s eye candy. Some of my objectives are looking for the best light, while having a little fun and relaxing through the day. I want to keep everything as natural as possible, allowing for candids and moments to happen. Sometimes, wildlife will appear like it did on this trip.


For Jeremie and Aysegul’s wedding adventure, we started at sunrise, which was cold. We sat in our cars with the heaters on until there was enough light to shoot. The clear sky was starting to appear, so we got out of the vehicles to make our way. A Moose was drinking from the river. I was like quietly yelling, “Hurry up, take your jacket off, and let’s get down here! There’s a moose! Hurry!”

We didn’t want to get close. We kept our distance. My couple removed their warm jackets and I captured a few images in the short time we had before the moose took off. It was incredible. The light was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to our photo session. We captured images with the Teton’s in the background, images at iconic locations, and then we hiked to a waterfall and saw a bear.


We had planned to get some photos at a specific waterfall. As we arrived, we saw quite a few people at a viewing location further away from the falls. I took my couple passed all the tourists and we got up real close to the falls. As I am giving some direction to my couple, my bride, Aysegul says emphatically, “Oh my Gosh, there’s a bear!”

My back was to the bear, so when she dramatically pronounced it, my first instinct was that a grizzly bear was behind me. Now keep in mind, I see many bears in Yosemite, Tahoe, and other National and State Parks, and they always walk away from me, keeping their distance. I turned around and this bear is walking towards us without fear. I quickly noticed it was a black bear, but this time it wasn’t walking away, but towards our direction.

So my adrenaline started up and I went full ape on the bear, yelling at the bear, clapping my hands making loud noises, chest out, and standing my ground. I’m selling my confidence to the bear remaining in charge, trying to be protective of our area and my couple. He starts walking below me on the rocks and he turns his head and stares at me; I stop walking towards him, still yelling loud. I didn’t want to advance the bear to create any threat.

My backpack with gear and food was off to the right, where he started to make his way. I was thinking I needed to protect my gear also. I know this because when I was in high school youth group on a hiking trip in the wilderness, a bear literally took one of our backpacks and dragged it away, teeth marks through a camera. So I knew my bag of goods might be in danger.

So, I continue to yell at the bear, clapping my hands loud, maneuvering  around the boulders towards my backpack. He turns around again and stops, staring at me. I stop in my tracks still yelling at him confidently, clapping my hands loud. I think I was yelling “Hey Bear, get out of hear!” There were boulders everywhere and I was above him, keeping my distance. He walks right past my bag and keeps walking. I continue to keep clapping and yelling until he’s far enough away.

My adrenaline is amped. As I turn around, my couple is up there in a protected area, a little shook up, but glad the bear is gone. We start laughing and talking about the experience. The tourists had been watching from a distance the whole time. One person came running up and asked where the bear went. I pointed, but said something like you should probably stay away.  We headed back and some of the tourists were asking questions. One person sent us an image showing a far away image with their IPhone. I may post it later.


After that event, we took a break midday, got some food, and relaxed before the sunset hike. We headed out for our last photos of the day and captured some beautiful sunset images at multiple locations. That day we saw a fox, elk, bear, moose, and other critters. We ended the day with a beautiful sunset sky and a starry night image.

Enjoy the images.

wedding couple with moose in the tetons national park
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little teton
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after hiking a trail in the tetons, wedding couple takes a break
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jackson hole sunset wedding photography behind the yellowstone national park destinations
starry night wedding photo in the grand tetons


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Grand Teton Elopement Photographer – Jackson Hole, Wy.

Grand Tetons National Park, Jackson Hole, WY.
Adventure Elopement and Wedding Photographer Charleton Churchill

Traveling to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is always epic. I arrived at this mountainous destination to photograph my adventurous couple, Jason and Melanie, at the Grand Teton National Park. It was later fall; both Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton NP had closed for the season. However, there were still some trails open and scenic locations that were just incredible. The images below are only part of the adventure, as we traveled to Park City, Utah for phots and areas around. This post is mostly focused on the Teton area.

grand teton national park elopement photographer with a moon and mountains behind




As an adventure elopement photographer, I’m always looking for epic destinations that would provide that wow factor. The Grant Teton’s with their sawtooth mountains, winding rivers, scenic lakes, and aspen trees, is the destination for epic elopements and weddings. The sunrises and sunsets are equally awesome, which is evident in the images displayed on this post. However, It’s not just about finding the right location, though that helps; it’s also about visualizing how your lens is going to interpret and construct the image you are seeing. With Mountains around you, there are techniques and lenses that will allow you to capture the full effect of what you are experiencing and seeing. The Grand Teton’s allow so much potential in such a small place


If you’ve never visited Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons, and you’re considering eloping, this place should be one your top elopement destinations for consideration. If you elope in the spring or fall when there is snow, it just adds more layering to your mountains, though it’s just a little chilly for some couples. Okay, much colder in the mornings and evenings until the sun shines. Additionally, Jackson Hole’s elevation is 6237, so you may need a day or two to acclimate before hiking. If you’re interested in eloping here, pick up a National Park Permit and contact me so I can assist in planning your adventure.


Melanie and Jason were both committed to getting epic shots. I met them at another couples wedding in Colorado the year prior. Melanie came up to me at the wedding and essentially told me, “hey you are photographing me and Jason at an epic location in the world.” She even asked me where I wanted to photograph next. I didn’t believe it until she contacted me immediately after the wedding. We were supposed to fly into Switzerland, to the Alps and the Matterhorn, for their adventure session, but when covid hit the world, all my international destination weddings and adventures were cancelled. So after trying to figure another location that was rugged and epic in the U.S., we finally decided on the Grand Tetons at the last minute.

I had been in the area a few months prior with another couple who married in Yellowstone. I didn’t see Kevin Costner, Cole Hauser, or Luke Grimes anywhere, but I’m sure we were near their ranch. Okay, so maybe not, but I had the opportunity to explore more locations while there. I can’t wait to return for more magic. Who will be next?

grant tetons park wedding photos
couple getting ready in jackson hole wy
off grid mountain photo shoot with couple in wyoming.
couple hiking a wyoming trail in the snow for an adventure photo shoot
hiking couple in tuxedo
sunset photo session at grand teton lake secret spot
epic landscape with wedding couple at teton national park
grand teton couples photographer in the fall
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couple trail hiking
jackson wy wedding photogrpapher
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candids of jackson hole wy couple in open country
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jackson hole adventure session in grand tetons
grand tetons starry night photo with stars and sawtooth mountains
mormon row at grand teton with elopement photographer
yellowstone national park wedding photographer
blue sky and clouds with couple
romantic couples photos in scenic landscapes
park city utah wedding and elopement photos
park city utah wedding photographer with couple in clouds and blue sky at sunset


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