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Senior Portrait Sessions – Kirkwood, California and Plasses Resort Photographer

I want to show a few images from a recent senior session I shot (just a few)!  I will show more later with a longer blog and description, but I just wanted to get a few up that I liked.

I drove up highway 88 early Monday morning to shoot some customized senior portrait sessions just before Kirkwood resort, called Plasse’s Resort, a great venue for outdoor and indoor activities, with an old church on the property.  Plasse’s resort, Silver Lake, and Kirkwood are all intertwined.  Plasse’s is an excellent place for photography because they have so much going on there with fishing, camping, horses, motorcycles and quads, an old general store and post office, dirt roads, people, big man trucks everywhere, and beautiful cabins.  A perfect place for photographs (without the mosquitoes hovering at you). Actually, a perfect place to shoot a wedding (ahem, me!).  I photographed Michele and Charlie there.  Charlie brought his motorcycle.  And we borrowed a white horse from some wonderful woman (whom I hope to get her name down on the next blog), right there at Plasse’s Resort.  Thank you Sandy for having the courage to ASK!  Here are a few of the images…


Senior Portrait with White Horse and flash

Senior Portrait with Motorcycle and leather jacket and flash

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