So you want beautiful photographs? I get it. If you're like most seniors and families who come to me and feel awkward around the camera, then you will likely need a little direction to get those images you see on my website. You're not hiring me just to take pictures of you; grandma or mom can do that for you. No, I'm here for much more than that. You are hiring me for my vision, my ideas, my experience, my direction, the candid look, and my finishing touch, which is quite unique from many other photographers.


If you want artistic, beautiful, and stylish images, then you might want to fill out the contact form and we can set something up for you.

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fashionable senior portraits

GRAVITY - $275

1 hour session


1 Outfit

1 location (local)

MOMENTO - $375

2 hour session


2-3 Outfits

1-2 Locations (local)

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3 hours


Unlimited outfits

Unlimited locations




Senior Portrait Package s are available for in studio purchase. Products and upgrades are also available for any of the packages. If you are interested, please fill out your information, so we can set up a time to talk about your session, outfits, location, and style.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you good enough to make me look awesome?

You are already awesome, I’m just going to show it.  I have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve and a lot of awards. I have been known to make regular people look like they belong in a magazine.

Who can come to the Photoshoot?

Only Mom and/or Dad can, or someone close in family. Please no friends or boyfriends or girlfriends no matter how amazingly handsome or beautiful they are to you. Friends provide a visual distraction to the session and my vibe. I need my subjects to focus and not be too giggly each time a friend makes a comment encouraging insecurity.  Typically mom assists in the session, and I encourage it. If mom or dad cannot come, then someone who is close in family should accompany the student. If you cannot provide anyone, please let me know upon scheduling.

How do I book a HS Senior Session?

First. I will contact you and schedule a time to come over for a consultation. During that time, we will discuss vision, outfits, ideas, your favorite band, etc., pricing, as well as plan a date for your senior session if booking. At that time you will pay the Session fee whatever you chose.

What do I wear and how shall I plan for my photoshoot?

Slow down there young jedi, we will discuss all those questions at the time of your consultation.

Can we reschedule the session if it rains?

Absolutely. But I shoot in the rain as well, it’s just that your hair will get wet if you’re looking for a creative rainy session.

What happens after the high school senior session?

Typically 2-3 weeks after the session date, you come to my home studio to view and purchase images. Please bring those whom are buying during that time and plan up to 1-2 hours time. We get everything finished in two hours instead of two months.

Can you provide the gallery online for us to decide rather than in person?

No, I only conduct gallery sales in person, since it’s much easier on both of us. I have learned through experience that online galleries produce problems, abuse, long-winded and unending communications via email, phone, text, and much miscommunication. I’d rather knock it out all in one meeting.

Who should come to the gallery showing?

Only the superstar senior and those who are decision makers for the purchases being made. Please do not bring friends, cute boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. as too many decision makers provide unnecessary confusion, plus a much later departure time.


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