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Last weekend, I was at a home for a wedding reception in Roseville, California, photographing a bride and groom whom had married in Utah recently.  I had photographed her sister’s wedding (Ashlie and Tony) a few weeks back, which will hopefully be up on my blog sometime in the next few weeks.  It was a classy family with many friends in a beautiful large backyard.  I had went in their home and saw the most amazing photographs from the last, what seems like, a hundred years worth of images.  They looked like ancient images, black and white noisy old images with the lady hats, like old vintage texture felt photographs we see in museums.  I was moved by many of the images.  Fantastic library of images all over the wall, must have been 50 large images in a A-Framed styled wall, organized well.  Anyway, I had a good time, and wish I could have stayed longer.  Most of the images I photographed there were shots of interaction, hugs, kids, details of candy, friends, and food.  I thought I would quickly post a shot I liked out of the mix.

perfect backyard wedding photograph


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