Orange County Wedding Photographer, Engagement session, Ronnie and Jessea

Ronnie and Jessea came up for the weekend from southern California and didn’t know they would return with killer engagement session photographs.  We photographed for a little over a few hours, while entertaining almost the whole family, who was along for the ride. My daughter Janae, who is six, went along for her first photography assignment.  She brought her point-and-shoot camera along to be my back-up photographer, but somewhere along the way, she just wanted to play with the older girls.  Beautiful sunny day, time to get wet. Here they are…

engaged couple in old truck

couple on the swing

couple downtown Volcano

hugging couple downtown St. George Hotel

bride groom posing

couple kissing by old truck

couple spraying water during car wash

couple in old truck engagement session

couple swinging together

couple laughing together in old truck

engagement session Volcano, ca,

engagement session St. George Hotel

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