Robin Peters, Amador High School Senior Portrait

Amador High School Senior Portrait
Couture Seniors – Robin Peters

I have been ridiculously photographing senior portraits for the last month, and there are more to come (with a new website among other things coming soon…).

I just finished photographing high school senior Robin Peters an hour ago.   She’s a sweet girl.  She wanted an Audrey Hepburn theme and most of the photographs we took were in my studio with the help of her wonderful mother!  I am currently uploading my images and backing up, and then backing up again, as I typically do after a session.  I took one of the images that grabbed my eye, and tweaked it a little.  We had photographed mostly in my studio today, but we took the last fifteen minutes outside downtown for a few ideas I had since she took the time to design this very outfit for her senior shoot (she’s very talented).  This image is very dramatic, and I don’t put up previews anymore for portraits (unless it’s a wedding or engagement session), but this is more of a vision I had rather than a typical senior portrait.  This is more of a Fine Art Photograph Senior Portrait duo shot.  I will be showing off some of her Audrey Hepburn photographs probably later in May.  She really does resemble her!

By the way, I have a new project coming out sometime in May.  I have been working on several projects, prioritizing my time at work, researching, reading, and trying to push myself and go deeper.   That’s the reason I have been off Facebook for a while because I can easily get sucked into the social media world without accomplishing much personal work.  More to come and share this year!


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