Road trip with Celebrity Photographer Robert Evans of Orange County

Hello Everyone, I’m at the Las Vegas Wedding and Portrait Photographer Conference having a blast, sucking up the knowledge being distributed, staying up late, and waking early.  It’s my first time in Vegas.  I have a wonderful room mate from Santa Cruz who shares the same passion for learning. We both study and read in our rooms when not in session.

Originally, I had a Vegas RT flight from San Francisco, but a sudden opportunity to ride with Celeb Photographer Robert Evans from Orange County was before me, and I would have been a fool to pass it up.  In case some of you don’t know, Robert Evans is an amazing photographer with amazing breath-taking images.  He was the exclusive photographer to Tom and Kat Cruise’s wedding, as well as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Annistan.  He has shot Jim Carrey and Cristina Agulara.  He showed me his 300 image album in the car on the way to Vegas.  Every image has the wow factor in it.  Brilliant composition and feeling.  I had purchased my plane tickets to the OC a few hours before I left to the airport, which thank you to Anthony Sprunk for driving me there.

On the way up to Vegas, time flew.  It seemed there wasn’t enough time to talk, as we both couldn’t shut up.  We stopped at Subway on the way (He likes Subway).  He bought gas.  I bought Subway and his gum.  Not much of a trade-off, but he wouldn’t let me share the fuel costs.  One of his passions is mentoring other photographers, so was I really glad to have this personal road trip with someone I rarely knew.

One of the statements Robert Evans said to me on the phone before arriving, which blew me away, was, “Ask me any question you want.”  I was like wow, one on one time with a great photographer.  So, even though I lost my original plane ticket and had to pay more to take a detour, it was way worth my time to have 4-5 hours with this wonderful guy.  He is very personable, caring, and generous of his knowledge.  He is also a people watcher.  We were at Subway, and I saw him staring at a group, his attention was focused, and I said, “what’s up?”  He was like, “Oh sorry, I have a habit of people watching, as my wife tells me I do.”  Then he talked about where this group was possibly going, and what they were probably going to do.  Anyway, it was interesting getting to know a little of this guy.

I’m getting ready to go down and meet up with some new photography friends at the Canon pool party, which is for everyone (it’s about 9:20p.m.).  I will be in contact later, but I just wanted to share this amazing opportunity to meet someone such as Robert Evans.  Tomorrow, I will meet up with Kevin Focht from Portland.  I’ve seen Tori Wible from our area, and Gavin, my second shooter a few weeks ago. I’m hoping to see Travis Hoehne around here somewhere.  I hope you’re all doing well.  Blessings to you all!


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