Sacramento Wedding Photographer, Lake Tahoe Engagement session, Rick and Evelyn

I photographed Rick and Evelyn in Lake Tahoe last month during some of the fall colors.  We went around the sandy beach, some docks, near the cruise boats, at Camp Richardson, in the trees, etc., and captured a little piece of that beautiful area where I love to travel often.  We met around lunch at Starbucks and ventured off together around the Lake.  Tahoe is so beautiful you never run out of areas to photograph.  Actually, I recently became a member of the Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce, since I am in Lake Tahoe often, and because I love to support this beautifully nested area.  Rick and Evelyn will be hosting their wedding in Sacramento, and I will have the honor of photographing all the wedding details and celebrations of this lovely couple’s event.   Here are some of the many Lake Tahoe engagement images from our three hour tour.

South Lake Tahoe Engagement Session with a beautiful couple on the dock with blue skies

fall colors engaged couple holding hands and smiling

pretty woman engaged to man in the fall colors of Lake Tahoe

sacramento wedding couple laughing in grass together during engagement portraits while in Lake Tahoe

destination photographer capturing an engaged couple in the green grass of the fall

engagement couple smiling holding each other at Camp Richardson near old house and dock

Lake Tahoe beach photography on the dock with pants rolled up showing toes in Tahoe

Couple holding each other on Lake Tahoe dock at Camp Richardson with the beautiful blue lake in the background

romantic couple with dress and suit in lake Tahoe on a sunset beach dock of a picture preparing for their wedding

wedding couple walking along the beach of Lake Tahoe, engaged.  The woman is looking at photographer

the couple is holding pine cones in their hands as a creative photograph from Camp Richardson Tahoe

couple posing for the camera at the Chevron beach area near Riva Grill on logs near the cruise ship

Engaged couple on the lake tahoe dock at Lakeland Village near sunset for their engagement session

romantic sunset picture on the dock head to head on top of a gear box near Chevron off Ski Run blvd

romantic sunset Lake Tahoe picture for wedding prep

dramatic sunset modern masterpiece image of couple holding hands in the Embassy Suites Hotel background


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