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Photo Processing & Editing

It’s pretty simple. I was born with a creative eye. I see things differently than the normal person who has not this gift of the full usage of the right brain. I wish my left brain would keep up. Anything I do has my right brain spilling into it.

Photography is not only about what you see, but what others don’t see. Capturing the right moment with the right elements is actually hard work, getting that emotion and story within the photo with the right pose and form pays off eventually, but you’ve got to be inside your head when you are shooting.

Now, after capturing the right photo, you need to process your shot! Mostly all photographers do this in some form (color correction, lighting, touch up, etc.). It’s quite easy to fix the obvious areas, but one needs to pay attention to detail to have the ideal shot, like one of my fav photographers, Taylor James. Below I have a photo that has been touched up. I shoot my photos in RAW (not jpeg) so that I have full control of all my photograph detail without hijacking the quality, like you would in a jpeg, which is compressed. This photo below was color corrected and touched up by what I was envisioning in this shot. I fixed the eyes, brought softness to some parts, sharpened some areas, colored in some areas, brought up intensity in RAW, and a few other things. The model did very well that day.

  • CABean03 - This is great to see the difference the editing makes! I’m always just so lost with what actual adjustments to make without going overboard. You do an awesome job Charleton!May 10, 2009 – 8:18 pmReplyCancel

  • Charleton - Thanks, someone once told me when I was new at photography to master three areas in photography, composition, lighting, and the post-processing. Post-processing, is by far, much more time consuming.May 17, 2009 – 1:39 pmReplyCancel

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