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Vegas Desert workshop near MGM hotel registered guests for photography

We just finished shooting our Vegas workshop yesterday, whoo-hoo!  I was blessed to have poured into these hungry souls who attended the photography workshop, and who wanted to learn how to upgrade their photography skills.  To see faces light up with the “I got it” expressions made my day more than anything else I did yesterday.  That was the highlight for me.  I realize that planning and hosting a workshop takes much time and it can easily drain you.  I told myself a few times to give up, but when photographers light up with enthusiasm in learning something that changes the way they see and photograph, it makes it worth it all. My voice was going out before the workshop, and after I returned to my hotel room, I couldn’t even get a dial tone, just whispers and forced windpipe air.

We met at 5:00a.m. at the MGM hotel yesterday while it was still dark (which means I was up at 4:00a.m.).  If you know me, I’m definitely not a morning person.  We drove thirty minutes to our desert location, a dry lake bed, which I had scoped the day before, thanks to Tawnee and Kim, who assisted me with their mini cooper. We arrived while it was still numbing cold outside and setup our location!  Kitty, Olivia’s mother (Olivia is our amazing and humble female model) served all of us tasty warm drink.  The sun came up and we hit it hard the rest of the day!

Here’s a group image of our attendees and myself!  I see many workshop group images that are casual and nice (and we have one of those of our whole group).  Since we had this wide open desert area, I wanted to try something different.  We had a total of 16 of us, including models and other participants.  Thanks to our MUA Judith for her brilliant makeup skills as well as everyone else involved. (In case you’re wondering, I’m in the back on the right with a beanie)!

I’m thinking about planning a few other workshops down the road!  I’ll keep everyone posted here on the blog and on Facebook!  You can add yourself to the mailing list to receive my blogs through email! Sign up in the top left corner!




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