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Norway Wedding Photographer

I recently returned from Norway elopement and photographed a strong couple. Liz and Ralph wanted an adventure in Norway and were searching for a Norway wedding photographer online when my images appeared. There’s much to this story, but I had worked with Liz before and I was excited to give them a tour of some of the most epic locations. Some locations were from a previous Norway elopement in 2017. We tried to tackle much territory within a short window, getting up early, driving, hiking many many miles, and ultimately seeing many landscapes and mountain regions. We could do this because both of them were strong physically and mentally. Ralph is all muscle and Liz is insanely athletic and wants to conquer the top 7 summits of the world, including Mt. Everest.

Though it rained quite a bit and was often cloudy, Norway was still so beautiful with every location we entered, drove through, or hiked to, it was all majestic.Here’s a few images from their adventure. Congratulations to the both of them!

(For those of you who are curious, thinking I’m crazy with the cliff photos, there was actually a ledge below them the bride could stand on.)

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