My New and Official Blog!!

Hello Everyone,….

I am excited to announce my NEW and OFFICIAL Charleton Churchill Photography blog.  I will be posting my recent blogs, which you can follow.  These posts will go directly into my Facebook account, so whether I Twitter from my iphone, Facebook, or Post a blog, it will all be interconnected, and anyone can read from anywhere.  My posts on my new blog will be the best for viewing since that is where my hard images will be placed!

Also, I am leaving Monday night (night drive), driving to Portland, Oregon to go climb Mt. Hood on Wednesday morning with a friend, about 2a.m.  You can watch my posts daily or whenever I return from each climb.  I am climbing Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, and Mt. Adams.  Hopefully, on some of these mountains I can get 3g service with my iphone, or some kind of communication services to let everyone know my current status.  I will be returning Thursday, May 28th, so watch daily as I report!!  I’ll be trying give you some raw photos from my iphone and my camera if I am able.  Here are some from last year’s expedition from Mt. McKinley, highest peak in North America, at 20,320 ft.  enjoy!

Mt. McKinley Summit, 20,320 ft.

Charleton on Denali, Alaska, 20,320 ft.

Mountaineering Team


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