Mt. Rainier – Up the Mountain

Wow!! I just woke up this morning in our little cheap motel around 6:30a.m., and walked outside to beautiful weather, and felt provoked to say, “Wow, Jesus, thank you!” We are leaving in a few minutes to climb the tallest and most challenging mountain in the U.S, outside of Alaska, Mt. Rainier, in Washington. The other two guys have arrived, and we spent much time packing and repacking last night. Our packs are hefty, but we are prepared for anything. The weather is looking real good, and many groups are going up this weekend, so we’re expecting great things. The mountain is intimidating when you drive up to it,…wow, it’s amazing. When I get down the mountain, hopefully, I will have some great shots. The weather is 13 degrees at the summit with 25mph winds, so it should be fairly cold.

Our plan is we will leave at around 9:30p.m. on the trail, get up to Camp Muir (around 10,000 ft.), and sleep at about 6p.m., to get a midnight wake-up call, and an alpine ascent to summit. From Camp Muir, at Midnight, we will be walking in stable and crunchy snow, avoiding ice-fall and crevasses, roped up together. Kevin will lead the rope team, and I will be in the back with strength and ability in self arrest and crevasses rescue experience. We have four guys on the rope, with about 30ft. in between each other. Plenty of room. We expect to be at the summit around 8-10a.m. in the morning. Then after a few snapshots, we will head back down to Camp Muir, and pack up our tents and items, and head back down to our vehicles, maybe around 3-5p.m., and then head over to Seattle for Church on Sunday morning, at Mars Hill Church.

Yesterday, we went to Mount Saint Helens to check out the mountain. We took about 3 hours to drive to Mt. Rainier, and enjoy a ride with my friend, Kevin, listening to “Marriage and Men” by Mark Driscoll, from Mars Hill Church in Seattle on my ipod. Kevin was highly encouraged and challenged by the strong teaching and call to manhood. I heard it for the third time, and was challenged once again on this trip to be responsible and be a responsible voice in this group of climbers. God is blessing me and Kevin on this trip, as we are both being refreshed and felt a huge tug stay close to our Savior.

The other guys, Ray and Ramone are great guys. Ramone is from Argentina, and is a guide where he lives. Ray is an amazing rock climber and has ice-climbed with kevin up 2500 ft. ice-cliffs. We’ve got a good team, and I am blessed to be in their presence as well. We will update you when we return!

Our Team preparing for the Mt. Rainier climb the Next Day!

Our Team preparing for the Mt. Rainier climb the Next Day!


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