Mt. Hood – Part II

Well, we went up to Mt. Hood last night about 8:30p.m. to climb, and would probably wait until 10p.m. to start climbing when it’s colder and less ice-fall.  When we arrived, it was snowing and blowing snow about an inch per hour, with winds around 25mph, typically not good climbing weather.  We waited until 11p.m., and after talking with other climbers on our waiting, decided it was becoming increasingly dangerous to climb, with avalanche danger now waiting above, and winds pushing snow around, covering previous tracks in the dark, making it harder for route finding.  We left back to Don and Marilyn’s home to sleep around midnight.  When we woke up this morning, there had been enough snow accumulated to stay away from mountain for a good 2-3 days to let the snow stick to the other layers.

Kevin had summitted on Monday at the same time getting hit by ice, which is fine for our team. Maybe if there’s time on the way back, I may try again.  We’re going to head over to Mt. Rainier to prepare for the big climb.  We’re leaving today from Portland, and heading over to Mount Saint Helens to stroll around to the observatory.  Kevin and I are having fun, and going to meet the other two in Longmire tomorrow.  Ray and Ramone are from Utah, and are driving here.  We shall meet up, and divy up all our gear and food.  The mountain is looking promising for us, but anything can change in the mountains drastically.

Here are a few photos from Mt. hood while we waited in the climber’s lodge area, talking with other climbers.  Continue to pray for us, for good weather, for safety, and for God’s hand upon us.

Mountain climber waiting out Storm

Mountain climber waiting out Storm

Inside the Climber's Lodge talking about the hazards.

Inside the Climber's Lodge talking about the hazards.


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