Mountain man

I just returned from the most awesome high school & Junior high camp I’ve ever attended, near Oregon at the Klamath River for Adventure White Water Rafting with our church. I seriously had the best time. While there, I saw this interesting character who lived in the mountains and was very unique and inspiring. His name was Kelli, and he appeared wise. I didn’t realize there was a movie about his life, living off “need” and not wants. I think it was called “I need to catch a fish,” which airs on Discovery Channel. He makes $1.95 per day helping with these camps by cleaning. Whatever else he may need, he pans for gold to pay the rest. His car, which he’s had for the last 25 years only has 3000 miles on it, and looks like a car, he converted into a small truck, kind of like a Dodge omni with a truck bed. His home is a quarter of a mile away, about the size of a large bedroom, and there he listens to the radio news. I really liked him, and I asked him if I could take a few photographs of him. He also showed me a cotton ball, which was made out of his old long beard he recently shaved off. I held it, as he had washed it, and taken care of it. Here are some of the photos from my experience.

old man 2000x800

IMG_3524grain small


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