Lynn Holmes – Model for Exalt Agency, Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer

It’s been great working with Lynn Holmes.  She’s a rock star at modeling and now working with Exalt Agency.  I went over to her home basically at the Ione Airport, called the Eagle’s nest, which her Father owns.  Great landing strip and beautiful property.  She was looking for some new images for her modeling agency, and Lynn chose the locations and ideas of what she wanted to accomplish for her look.  It was a bright sunny day in the open fields, but we managed to find some shade and capture some great images.  Additionally, we photographed Lynn modeling on a borrowed Harley Davidson motorcycle. I posted a blog earlier with her sport athlete photographs which you can view here.  It’s always great working with Lynn because she’s very involved and is not afraid to get dirty or cold, like one session when a group of us went up to Kirkwood early in the morning, and she threw on a bikini in 20 degree weather, working in the snow.  She’s pretty tough.  She’s also wanting to tag along with some of my senior sessions and give some direction to the grads. No doubt the students would welcome her. Here are a few images we photographed a few months back.

woman model with daisies

Lynn holmes model

Lynn Holmes model holding daisies



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