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Adventure Photography Session at Tahoe Lake

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Jeff and Marisa had their destination wedding in New Mexico. I was honored to be their Lake Tahoe wedding photographer for their special day, to capture it all. Originally we had planned to drive the next day to an adventurous location for their epic photos; however, weather wasn’t cooperating and it wasn’t looking good. So, I flew home and instead, we planned their adventure session in Lake Tahoe, California.

They arrived in Lake Tahoe with their parents. I led them to a wonderful mountain waterfall that is usually raging heavy in the late spring, early summer. And while I have taken a few couples into the waterfall when the water was low, this river current was too overwhelming to get maneuver through. We captured a few images here and then left.


Ultimately, my plan was to take our wedding couple hiking up a mountain where I had never photographed before. I didn’t know how to get to the summit, but my adventurous couple was up for any hiking and exploring, and I knew it was going to be epic regardless. As we hiked, we decided the only way to get near the mountain summit was to hike straight up. The sun was heading into our sunset hour photo time, so we hurried up. We were jumping rocks, and going places I would rarely take my couples. They led the way and I followed.

Also, I had a heavy backpack and was careful about foot placement, so I took a little more time. Eventually, we found an epic mountain location worth shooting. Sunset hour was beautiful. They were excited. I was excited. We finally photographed a mountain destination along the Pacific Crest Trail and Tahoe Rim Trail I had always wanted to take a couple. We started our descent back to our vehicles and their parents, but didn’t know exactly the path we took up. Honestly, we just made our way down the best we could before it became too dark.


After that couple, I have taken a few other couples hiking up there to that mountain and scored some great photos. In fact, I took another couple up there for their Lake Tahoe Proposal, even though it was a different area. Check out their Lake Tahoe Proposal here. I have not taken any other couple to this day as far as Jeff and Marisa explored. However, the super cool benefit of hiking this Lake Tahoe mountain is there are too many locations to photograph couples. Thus, I can always get something different.

Congratulations to both Jeff and Marisa on their wedding and their adventure couples session. Here are a few of the images below of their alpine wedding photos.


And if anyone is interested in eloping somewhere in Lake Tahoe, I have the perfect elopement locations that are private, intimate, and quiet. I guide couples to multiple locations regardless of their skill level in the mountains. I have taken inexperienced couples to less challenging locations. So, there is something for all couples.


lake tahoe waterfalls wedding photography

tahoe elopements with snow in the mountains

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lake tahoe wedding photos during sunset on the Pacific Coast Trail

tahoe rim trail wedding photos on the mountain of Lake Tahoe

epic tahoe mountain photos after the wedding off the PCT trail

Tahoe elopement photographer near a lake off the Pacific crest trail

adventurous tahoe married couple standing on granite rock off a trailwedding photography in lake tahoe over mountain hike with a wedding dress and suit

wedding couple married overlooking lake tahoe after sunset on the PCT trail

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