Monterey Beach Wedding Photographer, Lover’s Point, Jon and Abbie

A beautiful Monterey Beach Wedding with the classy Jon and Abbie, we captured the day with perfect emotion. We brought our team along to Lover’s Point beach for photographs of the wedding party getting ready, as well as the ceremony. The women prepared themselves at the Seven Gables Inn and guys at the hotel next to the beach.  The amazing reception took place at “The Gatherings”  wedding venue.  Jon and Abbie were both excited to get married on their wedding day, full of love and emotions, tears, laughter, and joy.  Gavin, Ariel, and I enjoyed our time together with the family and friends, and we’re thankful for the relationship and love from both Abbie and Jon.  Thank you for allowing us to photograph your special day!

Photographer:  Charleton Churchill Photography

Wedding Ceremony: Lover’s Point Beach, Pacific Grove

Wedding Ceremony: The Gatherings

Make-up: Victoria Douglas

Hair: Denise Surgick

Catering: Classic Catering

DJ’s: Mouf and Blend/untouchables Dj’s

Preparation Venue: Seven Gables Inn

Lover's point beach with a sailboat in Pacific Grove for a wedding event

wedding details with dress and shoes of wedding day

wedding ring of bride and groom in monterey beach wedding

seven gables inn in Pacific grove with the lover's point sign in front of beach

bridesmaid and bride at the seven gables inn laughing by the mirror next to the beach

bride looking through the mirror at the seven gables inn at the beach preparing for her wedding celebration

bridesmaids and bride together in photograph in Monterey beach

bride posing for an artist shot with creative light through the windows at the seven gables inn with Charleton Churchill Photography

ocean view blvd sign next to Lover's point beach for the wedding event adjacent to the hotel the groomsmen were staying inside

groom on the wedding day at Lover's point beach hotel

groomsmen together at the hotel next the Monterey beach for the guys' shots

bride and groom first look before the wedding day at the seven gables inn

wedding party group photograph with bride and groom

wedding party on the beach of Monterey for the wedding

bride and groom posing landscape photograph at the Monterey beach wedding location


father kissing the bride at the wedding ceremony on the beach of Lover's point in February

wedding event at Lover's point underneath the tree on the beach with bride and groom

bride cries tears of joy and her happy wedding day in Monterey at Pacific grove, california

groom showing his love and emotion on his wedding day at Lover's point beach, cherishing his wife

bride expressing love and peace on her wedding day at beach tree on the ocean

wedding topper, wedding gifts, and cupcakes at the gatherings catering for the wedding of jon and abbie on their wedding day

best man making a toast at the wedding reception at the gatherings in monterey

black and white image of the bride and groom first dance together with smiles and love

bride Abbie throwing the bouquet behind her to the single ladies song, all the single ladies, at the gatherings venue

bride and groom dancing and laughing at the gatherings

the gatherings wedding event image of romantic bride and groom outside with flash




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