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Carmel Beach Wedding Photography

Just after I returned from New York City around Midnight in Sacramento, I woke up early the next morning and drove to Carmel for a rather short intimate beach wedding with just close family members. Asit and Jessica are very much in love, and it’s great to be working with people with whom I feel comfortable around, like friends. We spent a few hours around Carmel beach and the golf course capturing some wedding photographs, and for their reception in February, where they plan on celebrating their marriage with all their friends and family. My second photographer and I will be putting on the famous crazy booth for the night for laughs and entertainment. We are anticipating a great night! Here are some beach wedding photos from our Carmel wedding event.

Carmel Beach wedding events

panorama wedding photo

carmel beach wedding photography on the rocks and stormy waters posing for a picture

carmel cyrpress tree beach wedding photgrapher shooting photographs

ocean wedding photography on the sandy beach looking away holding hands

carmel wedding photography holding each other into the sunrise sun towards the beach

bride holding groom on the rocks of a beach for wedding photography at Cypress beach in California

black and white silhouette photography on the carmel ocean beach front

carmel groom posing for a few shots underneath the cypress tree in Cypress Carmel beach for his wedding day

Carmel bride posing for a few wedding photos of her special day on the beach with her bouquet

bride with her umbrella looking out towards the ocean smiling as is preparing to have her wedding celebrated

dramatic image on the beach of the Cypress Carmel ocean front with bride and groom and splashing water around them

beautiful black and white of a bride and groom on the beach looking out towards the water together


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