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I flew to Colorado. I hiked. I photographed. I refused to make any lodging plans except for what Jake + Annemarie (my amazing wedding couple) provided the night before and after the wedding. I captured three couples that week. One wedding and two engagement sessions. All of them currently residing in different states, Seattle, New Mexico, and Texas. The fall-colored event I’m currently writing about in this blog is Jake and Annemarie’s wedding, and they couldn’t have picked a better time of year to plan their wedding. The colors were vibrant and alive, everywhere I drove, through the Rocky Mountains, around the Rocky mountains, through Boulder, through Littleton, and Denver, wow! I had previously photographed Jake and Annemarie’s engagement session in Seattle while it was slightly drizzling and cold (the image with the couple holding the black and red umbrellas high, which everyone loves on my wedding website). When the time came to fly into Denver and reconnect with my new friends, Annemarie and Jake already knew what to do, and went above and beyond my expectations for photos, showing their effection for each other and their cherished families in such a beautifully happy emotional way. We started at the Red Rocks amphitheater for the first look before the ceremony, and then proceeded over the the Hudson’s Garden and Event Center for the remainder of the day! So, here are just a few images of the day! Congratulations to Jake and Annemarie!

(below the blog, I also captured some landscape photos).

-Photographer: Charleton Churchill Photography
-Venue: Hudson Gardens and Event Center
-Caterer: Canon Catering
-DJ: DJ Guy Professional Disc Jockeys
-Florist: Finishing Touches
-Cupcakes: Frills Cake Shop
-Pedicab: Colorado Rickshaw
-Dress: d’Anelli Bridal
-Makeup: Makeup by Heather B.
-Hair: Hair by Danelle McCright


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I’m posting also a few of the landscape photographs I captured while in Colorado, and as I have more time to process my work (when wedding season slows down), I will hopefully post more. While in Colorado, I never made any plans for lodging because I didn’t know if I would be sleeping in my car, in my tent I brought along, or on a trail somewhere, or even as a last resort, in a motel. One night I was in the middle of the the wilderness with my camera gear doing some time-lapse photography, must have been near 11p.m, and I heard loud elk all around me. I’m thinking in my head that these Elk have like superpower eyes that can see in the dark against my eyes that can’t even see my hands in front of me. (You can listen to the elk sounds near me as I recorded them on my iphone with my Uber quiet wilderness voice, which I posted on my facebook page September 29, 2012). View it here on my Facebook:

Anyway, I was able to capture some scenic landscape photos of the mountains and some fall colors! Enjoy!


The Rocky Mounain National Park early morning
rocky mountain high colorado sunset beautiful artistic landscape

The Rocky Mountain National Park II later in the morning
another rocky mountain high sunset with clouds and fog landscape photography

Overlooking Lake Granby and all the beautiful falls colors and downtown on the otherside of the National Park. It makes one want to move there!
national rocky mountains park with Lake and fall colors

Some beautiful fall colors contrasting with the trees around them.
rocky mountain high national park with colors and trees photographed by Charleton churchill


Lastly, this is a six foot wide panorama of the Rocky Mountain National Park during the early morning, which took me a little more time to process. I’m excited to print this large image and put it on my wall! And if you’re wondering, yes, I will be putting this pano up for sale next month. If we’re connected on Facebook as friends, then you’ll find out when I post the link. View it here on the link below!
rocky mountain national forest panorama sunset early morning landscape photograph

View the jumbo size image in marvelous detail here: Click here to view it in Detail.

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