Helwig Winery Wedding Photographer, Plymouth Wedding Photographer

Helwig Vineyards and Winery Wedding Commercial shoot
Venue: Helwig Vineyards and Winery, Shenandoah Valley
Cake: Sweet Cakes by Rebecca
Make-up/Hair & Coordinator – Kathleen Ehlers
Media Production: Blaise Media & Impact Marketing
Wedding Dress provided by: Clothes Mine, Sutter Creek, Ca.
Owners of Helwig Vineyards and Winery: Dave and Nancy Helwig


Classy and sensational!  That’s what I have to say about teaming up with the gorgeous Helwig Vineyards and Winery on their commercial shoot for a number of channels on television.  Not only did I photograph some images of the bride and groom who were in the commercial shoot, but they asked me to jump in one of the scenes because they needed a burly bald headed dude with a beard to hold a glass of wine and just look cool (well, actually, that’s not all the way true). Kathleen Ahlers was gracious and asked if I would photograph some images during the shoot that day. If you’ve never been to the new Helwig Vineyard, you need drop in and check it out.  Nestled away in the Shenandoah valley overlooking a breathtaking view is this American contemporary barn design with a maze of elegant lit caves, along with a large amphitheater for concerts, weddings, and other events.  Their caves are marvelous and perfect for elegant weddings.  Helwig is a great example of a business doing it well since they opened up last year.  They were recently featured in Real Weddings magazine, among other publications, and are already booking weddings and putting on concerts.

I photographed Trevor and Tahnee for this shoot, and they were both more than kind, and allowed me to snap a few images of them during my time there.  Here are some images I photographed from that day of Trevor and Tahnee!


Helwig winery wedding bride getting ready

bridal smile at Helwig vineyard

bride birdcage at shenandoah valley wedding

fashionable bride on leather couch

amador county bride at rustic venue

groom photo at helwig near plymouth wedding

groom at helwig vineyards and winery

bride shoes at Helwig caves near tasting room

bride and groom near helwig tasting room

bride and groom couple inside Helwig cave of wedding event

bouquet of flowers in special reception in cave

5000 sq. ft. cave where the bride and groom kiss and drink wine

bride groom photos at amphitheatre near covered 360 degree pavilion

amador county weddings photograph at Helwig winery

photos at the helwig winery wedding couple

amador county Shenandoah valley view from Helwig covered outdoor pavilion

rustic wedding reception at Helwig vineyards and winery venue while toasting with smiles

wedding cake with Kathleen Ahlers and wedding party and guests at helwig pavilion

couples photographs walking out of the elegant detailed cave, perfect picture from the vineyard and winery

Helwig sign logo at amador county vineyard for weddings


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