Fashion Senior Portraits – Before and After – Photoshop RAW Touch up

Here are a few images from a recent senior portrait session. I wanted to show you the before and after shots from a session in my home studio last month. I shot these images in RAW. I had my flashes set up, and a plain gray backdrop hanging behind our senior, Haley. I used my Canon 85mm lens and fired off some images for about thirty minutes, as she had brought different outfits.

If you’re a photographer or aspiring to become a professional photographer, and you want to be successful, you have to master at least three areas in photography. First is composition, second is lighting, and third is post-processing. There are other areas, but these are fundamental. The best in the world have mastered these all too well. Just look at the WPPI winning competition images. They are perfect! The images below show from beginning to end of my post-processing. You can see the first image is plain. From my camera, this is what I achieved. I was shooting in manual, and everything was dialed in correctly. We have a pose from the senior that I happen to like. Haley’s doing an amazing job. With some instruction, every senior can look good, just like out of a magazine, which is how I love to shoot! I think sometimes seniors get a little intimidated because they think they’re not a model! If you’re a senior, and you’re thinking this in your head, then it’s time to get over here and book your session!  I’ll change your thinking!

After I fixed the color to what I liked, and adjusted the lighting on the background and foreground, I tweaked her eyes and facial features (not that she needed much anyway) to give the images the pop it needed. I fixed any small distractions, lint, etc. I then softened her skin a little, sharpened the whole image, and this was the next image that came out!

I then placed a texture on the image in Photoshop, and removed some of the textured areas from her face and hands. I adjusted it to where I liked it, not too much or too little. This is the next image.

Now I love the image just the way it is, and I could leave it that way! However, a black and white looks great as well!

Here’s another before and after image of Haley that I liked!

And a few other finished images!

As you can see, composition, lighting, and post-processing make this senior in this image ROCK even more!!  Thank you Haley!  If you’re a senior, and you want to book your senior sessions, I shoot in the RAIN and SUN!   Check out the images from Holly LaMarr’s session in the rain!!  Anything is possible.  If you’re interested in booking your session, you can email me or call me.

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