Model Dani Session – Amador County Model Photographer, Sutter Creek, Ca.

Today was a blast. I woke up and went over to meet some new friends in Sutter Creek (or in the woods out there), where I went 4wheel’n in my Toyota Corolla near some cliffs and rocky roads, as I had followed my iphone’s GPS into the woods.  Anyway, I was able to meet Mike and his kids, Dani and Stone (what cool names), wonderful people. Mike looks a little like Yani, great guy, and Dani, his daughter, I had met at the high school graduation, and told her I would love to photo shoot her, specially since she had cool freckles. Anyway, long story short, I met them today, absolutely liked them, had great conversations, and shot a few fun shots to possibly see how our friend Dani does with the camera. Dani had some photos entered in some model competitions last year and did really well! Here are a few shots I took today, as I had plenty of shots that looked great, and I’ll get to those later. Plus, we have some other shots planned with them.  I had a blast today! Thank you Mike and Dani!   Stone, you’re next. And, Mike, we’ll work you in as well.

Dani Model Shoot




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