Shenandoah Wedding Photographer, Amador County weddings sneak peek.

I photographed the highly anticipated wedding of Travis and Lynn (Lynn Holmes) this past weekend at Cooper’s Vineyard in the Shenandoah Valley, Plymouth. I’m so glad to have finally captured their wedding day since photographing their engagement session in our local Amador County last year, which you can view them here on the  blog directly.  Lynn, was recently featured on the cover of Real Weddings magazine, so we congratulate her on her success.  Both Travis and Lynn were so fun and easy to photograph.  I will try and blog this wedding more exhaustively later because they gave me more time to photograph and be creative.  Typically, as photographers, we don’t get much time in a wedding to photograph the bride and groom alone.  Yes, we can capture a bride and groom within 15 minutes, but if you really love photographs, and want some creative work on your wedding day, it’s best you plan for more time, and in general, that means like at least an hour. For now, here are a few images from this weekend, which I already posted on Facebook.

Amador County Wedding Photo of bride and groom in plymouth, ca. shenandoah valley

wedding couple photo with sparklers in Amador County photography


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