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Norway Wedding Photographer

I recently returned from Norway elopement and photographed a strong couple. Liz and Ralph wanted an adventure in Norway and were searching for a Norway wedding photographer online when my images appeared. There’s much to this story, but I had worked with Liz before and I was excited to give them a tour of some of the most epic locations. Some locations were from a previous Norway elopement in 2017. We tried to tackle much territory within a short window, getting up early, driving, hiking many many miles, and ultimately seeing many landscapes and mountain regions. We could do this because both of them were strong physically and mentally. Ralph is all muscle and Liz is insanely athletic and wants to conquer the top 7 summits of the world, including Mt. Everest.

Though it rained quite a bit and was often cloudy, Norway was still so beautiful with every location we entered, drove through, or hiked to, it was all majestic.Here’s a few images from their adventure. Congratulations to the both of them!

(For those of you who are curious, thinking I’m crazy with the cliff photos, there was actually a ledge below them the bride could stand on.)

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Four Seasons Resort Lanai Wedding | Maui Elopement Photographer

Four Seasons Resort Lanai Wedding
Maui Wedding & Elopement Photographer Charleton Churchill

four seasons resort lanai wedding off maui island in Hawaii


Four Seasons Resort Lanai Wedding Ceremony

One of Hawaii’s most luxurious hotels I’ve ever visited was on the Island of Lanai, called the Four Seasons Resort Lanai. Larry and Rebecca contacted me to plan their destination wedding as an adventure elopement. Their plan was first to have a four seasons resort lanai wedding ceremony. Then soon after, head off adventuring with me around the Island.

When I initially showed up to the Island with the Maui Ferry to Manele Bay, Four Seasons Resort staff was waiting to escort me in their Tesla. When I arrived to the hotel, they showed me the way to my room and took care of me. It’s probably the best customer service I’ve had by any hotel or resort. They went above and beyond. I now know why my couple chose the Four Seasons for their hawaiian elopement and honeymoon.

Led by a local Hawaiian officiant and Ukulele player, the ceremony was beautiful, emotional, and peaceful. The officiant was kind and during our conversation, showed us his iPhone image of Justin Bieber whom he recently ran into on the beach. (image below). Larry and Rebecca signed their marriage license and off we went to explore the Island.

Wedding Adventuring in a 4WD

In order to get around Lanai and drive to the wedding locations I had researched, we needed a 4wd. The couple reserved an off-road Jeep for our adventure. The road we traveled on was quite long and definitely off-road. I had to get out of the jeep a few times to guide the driver (the groom) over some crazy terrain. We were a little nervous and out in the middle of nowhere. It probably ate up more time than we wanted, but when we arrived, we were treated with epic views we wouldn’t take back. Our time was short at the first location, as we had planned sunset photos at another location.

After traveling back uphill in 4wd, we made it to the Lanai beach just in time for sunset photos and were rewarded with beautiful light. We ended the evening with a starry night image, which closed the perfect wedding day at the Lanai Four Seasons Resort.


Lanai Four Seasons Resort Review

I would say to anyone who’s considering a Hawaiian honeymoon or a Hawaii Destination Wedding to definitely consider the Four Seasons Lanai. The customer service and world-class amenities are the best. Additionally, the food, the rooms, the ocean views, and even the Tesla ride, were all beyond my expectations. Any hotel or business should consider how Four Seasons operates. They are a model for excellent service.

maui lanai 4 seasons resort beach front
four seasons hallway in maui
rainbow in hawaii lanai lodging beach lava rocks
beach front view 4 seasons maui with rings of bride and groom and lei
hawaiian rings for marriage
grooms watch and initials engraved on shirt
groom getting ready inside four seasons resort lodging room with blue suit and hawaiian tie
mirror photos of groom
wedding shoes and watch at hotel four seasons off lanai maui
wedding shoes
bride getting makeup on in lanai room
four seasons lanai bride putting on dress and shoes, and earrings
bride putting on wrist lei
bride after makeup at four seasons resort wearing Haku fresh flower head lei
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groom solo portraits on hawaii's lanai at resort
groom at ceremony
bride and groom at four seasons lanai
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her smile
groom tearing up at his wife to be
lawn ceremony at lanai wedding venue

lanai wedding ceremony at 4 seasons lodging
bride placing lei on top of groom ancient hawaiian tradition
kiss the girl
couple marries at lanai wedding venue
candid photos at maui's top island
guitar player during hawaii ceremony at lanai resort
couple signing marriage license.
justin bieber spotted on the beach of Lanai
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hawaiian starry night sky with wedding couple


More Information on Lanai, Maui, Hawaii:

Photographer: Charleton Churchill Photography
Elopement Ceremony: Four Seasons Resort Lanai
Dinner: Four Seasons Lanai
Dress: Solace London
Hair & Makeup: Ariana Cabato
Officiant: Pastor Michael (mika’ele) Roland Lopez Sr.
Ukulelel Player: Dale Kapua


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