Avenue of the Giants Wedding, Redwoods State Park Elopement Photographer

Avenue of the Giants Elopement Wedding in the Redwoods State Park
Redwoods State Park Wedding Photographer

Samantha and Josh eloped in the Redwoods State Park. While there are many destinations to view the epic redwoods, they chose the Avenue of the Giants, which is located in northern California near Humboldt. This destination contains some of the largest and tallest trees in the world. I have photographed other weddings in the Redwoods, like the Big Sur Elopement, but this was quite different.

When Josh and Sam called me, they requested an adventure photo elopement, which was something different than I’ve done. I was excited to venture with their intimate group of friends and family.

They opted for a first look before they exchanged vows in a private ceremony. We hiked a few trails and captured some images in the woods before the official event. However, we had no location yet picked out for the ceremony. We were just going to hike and wait until we were visually inspired. That’s kind of how I work anyway many times is waiting for the good light, atmosphere, and the scene to work. I’m a feeler.

As we made our way along the trail, we saw a few people along the trail just sitting and enjoying the views of the big trees. Some were even meditating. It is quite spectacular. When we finally found our location, which was epic, the ceremony begun almost immediately. The bride’s parents were along and a few friends. We had the forest all to ourselves.

After the ceremony, they celebrated, getting emotional and sharing long hugs. We left back on the trail, taking some photos before concluding our time with Josh and Sam. If anyone is interested in an Avenue of the Giants wedding ceremony or elopement, this destination has so many beautiful locations and landscape opportunties.

Congratulations to Josh and Samantha.

redwoods state park elopement wedding at avenue of the giants
epic redwoods elopement wedding photos at the humboldt national park
taking notes for vows
getting ready a the myers flat cabins
candids getting ready at weott cottage
mother and daughter kissing before ceremony at weott wilderness wedding
military marines wedding couple in redwood forest
first look of the bride and groom in the humboldt redwoods
emotional look before elopement of military couple
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wedding couple hiking in the redwoods
mom hugging groom
elopement ceremony in the redwood forest of weott
father walking bride in the forest down for the elopement ceremony
wedding ceremony in the humboldt redwood forest at avenue of the giants
epic elopement ceremony at Avenue of the Giants
bride smiling
groom smiling
bride reading vows
emotional bride reading
military elopement at forest elopement
marines groom reading vows
eloping in the redwoods
ring exchange
eloped in the redwoods
emotionally happy wedding couple kissing in the redwoods state park
the kiss in the wilderness couple
hugs and love
bride and groom hug
couple leaving the ceremony in the vegetation of the big trees wedding
couple photos
bridal fashion photos in the redwood forest
bride photos in the forest
creative bridal photos poses in the woods
pink bouquett in the green big trees forest
marines solo portrait photos after ceremony
a marine laughing for portraits
big trees redwoods park wedding elopement photos by photographer charleton churchill
trees down at the avenue of the giants wedding
epic giant trees wedding photos
wedding photos at the northern california redwoods
drive thru tree wedding elopement couples photos adventuring in the park
epic avenue of the giants redwoods wedding photographer in myers flat of humboldt, ca.


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Proposal Surprise Adventure Photoshoot | Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Adventure Proposal Surprise Photoshoot, Lake Tahoe, California
Tahoe Elopement and wedding photographer

the top romantic and adventurous proposal ideas on a mountain top

The Top Romantic Proposal Idea

The top romantic proposal ideas are always changing because everyone wants a unique experience. Ryan’s proposal surprise idea to Giovanna was more adventurous in nature. Not only was it a mountain top experience, but it was a creative proposal idea which evolved even as they arrived at the location. So, here is the short version.

Ryan contacted me to photograph his surprise proposal experience. Asking me for some Lake Tahoe proposal locations with a view, I shared with him some of my new findings with photos. I am in Tahoe often, hiking, finding new locations, engagement sessions, adventure sessions, and adventure weddings like this one. Tahoe is our family favorite destination for activity and vacationing.

After Ryan filtered out his favorite location, we started collaborating on proposal ideas. After bouncing back and forth, the final version was I would be an Expedia Tour Guide Photographer from a real company off Expedia. They would get a trail tour and a free photography course. I chose a real Tour Guide company off Expedia, memorized verbiage and details in case I was questioned by Giovanna. They received a free Tour Guide Photographer experience because Expedia had supposedly messed up. So, this was Expedia’s way of remedying the situation.

When they both arrived on location, I also had prepared to mess with Ryan a little, so he would be a little confused. I was hoping to make it natural. We had never met before. When they saw me and I saw them, Ryan said, “Charleton?”

And I said “Mark?” (some random name I don’t remember).

No, he said, it’s Ryan. I said “okay, yes of course, great; I’m glad you’re here. I’m also waiting on Mark and his group, and they were supposed to be here already to go over details.” I told Ryan and Giovanna it’s out policy to wait five minutes past trail departure time before we can leave.

When five minutes had past, I mentioned sometimes we take 1 person on the tour and other times, 25 people, and from many countries. Again, I was just reinforcing my new job title for this proposal. I said oh well, you get me all to yourselves, any questions you have about photography and the Lake Tahoe area, I’m yours.

I asked questions about their photography experience, if they had a camera or phone with them to learn some tricks and tips. We went on a hike with the three of us. I had my backpack with me, an extra camera and some lenses. We talked about the history of the area, camera gear essentials, and composition, etc. Again, just playing along with my new position as we hiked up the mountain.

The Adventure and Romantic Proposal Surprise

Once we arrived to the location for the proposal surprise, I told them I wanted a few photos of them together. I said, “let’s get an epic photo of you both on that rock.” The rock where he would propose with another rock.

After going back and forth, enjoying the view, the sunset, and getting some photos, Ryan knelt down and romantically proposed to Giovanna. She was in shock. She really had no clue. I have seen this before in proposal photos and sometimes it looks posed and setup. However, this was so real, emotional, and exciting to photograph. I enjoyed the whole process from the start of the trail to the finish. It was pretty emotional.

After Ryan put the ring on her, they kissed dozens of times. Giovanna took a few selfies with her ring, adoring it, and showing it off with pride. I captured some engagement photos of them together with the sunset time we had remaining. It was truly a great experience.

Congratulations to Ryan and Giovanna. Here are some photos below of their experience.


LENSES: 24-70mm 2.8 S, 85mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8 S”


lake tahoe couple hiking up mountain

Up above, we are hiking and maneuvering through some granite rock in Lake Tahoe to get to a location before the proposal.

a couple on a lake tahoe mountain hike before proposing

Above, they are enjoying the view together before the proposal.

adventurous and romantic proposal, pulling out the ring on a mountainsurprise proposal in the wilderness of lake Tahoelake tahoe proposal idea with a mountain hike by charleton churchill tahoe wedding photographershe said yes after he creatively proposes to his girlfriendthe couple kisses after she says yes to a proposal #shesaidyesShe said Yes after the proposal photographed by lake tahoe wedding photographerengagement photos in lake tahoe after he proposedhe put a ring on it in lake tahoe californiagirlfriend adoring her new engagement ringengaged after a lake tahoe creative proposal on an adventure hikehiking in lake tahoe for an engagement photo session proposallake tahoe engagement photosmountain top tahoe engagement adventure photos on a hikeengaged couple in tahoe over a view of the laketahoe engagement session over a mountain adventure hike and proposalromantic couples photos with tahoe elopement photographer charletonlake tahoe elopement photographer on an adventure hike with a coupleengagement ring photos in lake tahoeblack and white engagement photos romantic and moody by tahoe elopement photographersunset tahoe engagement proposal ideasengagement photos by lake tahoe wedding photographer


Are you interested in proposing to someone special? Contact me above for a unique adventure experience and see if we can create something epic and romantic for your proposal. I have many options for you to consider and even destinations in mind.



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Charleton Churchill is an Wedding and Adventure Elopement Photographer who inspired the adventure wedding movement with hiking couples wearing backpacks & rugged mountain boots in their wedding attire from Mt. Everest in 2015 & 2017.


Named Among the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the United States and Canada


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