Mountain View wedding Photographer – St. George Hotel, Andy and Kim

Andy and Kim came from the Bay Area, Mountain View, California to tie the knot magazine style at the St. George hotel in Volcano, Ca., a vintage town in Amador County. They called me last December, and we met for an engagement session, and took some unique and romantic photographs in Amador City, as well as the Amador County airport, near Sutter Creek. View the blog for the old airplane images. They both enjoy all kinds of adventures and common hobbies,…and actually went snowboarding after we met for our engagement session. Andy and Kim married at the St. George hotel, outside in the back with great musicians and catering filling the venue in Volcano, California. My second photographer, my fusion video assistant, and I met so many nice people. With any wedding, there is always a time factor in which we photographers try and remain sensitive. After the wedding ceremony, I asked the Bride if she was open to quickly driving over to this barn and old red truck, and she felt pressed for time. I really thought it was a perfect place for the wedding party and for both Andy and Kim for couples shots. Andy agreed and pushed for that area, and so we had everyone hop into vehicles and drive over there. We got the wedding party in three different backgrounds, plus the bride and groom in several red truck shots with flash in about eight minutes. We got amazing images in that time. After I showed the shots, they were excited for the investment in the extra time in photographs that would last them a lifetime. Thank you Kim and Andy for your patience, and your family and friends who were wonderful and overtly complimentary to us. Thank you for your trust and enthusiasm in our work and style. I look forward to meeting up with you when you arrive back from your honeymoon! Here are some of the images…

Wedding Photographer:   Charleton Churchill Photography

Catering:       St. George Hotel Catering

Cake:     Ingrid Frasier Elegant Cakes

Venue:     St. George Hotel

Music and Band:     Crystal Image Music

Make-up and Hair:     Sutter Creek Skintique Day Spa


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