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Amador County Senior Portraits
Calaveras County Senior Portrait
Photography by Charleton Churchill

Seniors portraits are on like Donkey Kong!  I’m seriously changing up the packages this year for Amador and Calaveras high schools!  You will be blown out of the water with what’s going on in town!  High School Seniors will have their chance to look stylish and fashionable with their favorite Amador County photographer with a few easy session options!  A 1 hour session and a 2 hour session, plus a secret session to come.  Both sessions give you (get ready for this) a free shampoo, haircut, and style by Jackie Mattingly at the Bella Lei Salon at New York Ranch Rd. before your session!  Yes, that’s right, I said it, FREE because Jackie is that amazing!  Also, our prints are affordable this year, which is good for mom and dad’s pocket books! Plus, you will get unlimited outfits and unlimited locations.  So, you have your chance to bring 10 outfits if you want, although, it’s probably unlikely you’ll need that many.  Rustic and charming, Amador and Calaveras County provide one of the best areas for senior portraits!  This year is going to the best for seniors! Get ready to look like you’re in a magazine with awesome ART.

Schedule your session before August 31, and get $25 off your senior session fee, AND…. before spaces fill up this season!!

Check out our Senior Website for prices and information:


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Amador County Senior Portrait photogapher for Amador high School and Argonaut

Amador High School and Argonaut senior portraits by photographer

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