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I met Zak and Raney last year when they drove a zip car (brilliant idea by the way) to meet me at a local coffee shop to talk about their wedding. I can tell they were both in love and no doubt on their wedding day this is what was displayed.  They married at the Trentadue Winery in Geyserville, California with friends and family warmly gathered together for this special occasion.  Zak and Raney are classy and were very kind to us photographers, allowing us time to photograph their day creatively. The toasts were touching, the ceremony was sweet, and the reception was lively with Zak showing off his dancing skills to Michael Jackson.  Their dog was a little cute too. Thank you for allowing us to document your wedding day.  Congratulations to you both Zak and Raney.

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vineyard of the trentadue winery with couple

love in the woods trentadue winery wedding couple trentadue-winery-wedding-39 bride and groom first dance trentadue winery wedding first dance father daughter first dance first dances mother son trentadue winery wedding photos

Photographer:  Charleton Churchill Photography
Wedding Venue:  Trentadue Winery, Geyserville, Ca.
Dress: Mira Zwillinger
Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Tux: Hugo Boss
Makeup: Brittney Lee
Hair: Tatianna Bourget
Florist: Megan Haney Designs
Cupcakes: Susie Cakes
Catering: Park Avenue Catering
DJ: California Mobile DJ


Stanford University / Palo Alto Wedding Photographer
Four Season Hotel Wedding Photography

Another gorgeous wedding in the Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, California.  Marcus and Helen planned their elegant and classy wedding well!  I enjoyed traveling from the Four Seasons Hotel where they were getting ready, then to the prestigious Stanford University, then to the beautiful vintage church downtown for the ceremony, and then back to the Hotel for their wedding reception.  When we arrived at Stanford University, I felt smarter just pulling into the driveway entrance alone.  Marcus and Helen allowed us freedom and time to photograph them together before the ceremony (they did the first look), along with the wedding party.  Typically I post images on my blog that were directed in some fashion and don’t show off more the photo-journalistic images.  Here I have posted some near the bottom to let others see the off moments as well.  What a pleasant time, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to join them on their wedding day celebration.  Cheers to the both of them!


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handsome groom photos at the university of Standford before wedding ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony: First United Methodist Church, Palo Alto, Ca.
Wedding Reception: Four Seasons Hotel, Palo Alto, Ca.
Bridal Party Photos: Standford University
Photographer:  Charleton Churchill Photography
Catering: Four Seasons hotel, Silicon Valley, CA.
Cake: Four Season Palo Alto
DJ: Spintronix
Videographer: Blue Moon Productions, Andy Hirsch
Florist: Mother of Bride
Make-up: Emily Nguyen
Photobooth: NorCal Photo Booths


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