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David and Angel’s winter wedding creative Bride and Groom session, which was photographed at and around Lake Tahoe. They had married in September 2013, and wanted the creative session after the wedding. Here are a few of their images. Congratulations to David and Angel, for not only getting married, but braving the cold windy weather!

landscape bride lake

landscape wed couple epic
classic snowy mountain wedding
snowy bride and groom
cinematic wedding photography tahoe
sharing laughter in wind

couple playing in the snow

tahoe trees mountain wedding
couple in forest of photo shoot

road crossing forest
blue sky tahoe couple
snowy wedding couple

crazy rock face picture of bride and groom

Here are some images below where David and Angel were braving the wind and cold, (which was towards the end of our shoot), I think we were all finished. It was probably a difficult time to shoot because of all the wind, blowing hair, closing eyes, and trying to stay warm. They are a strong couple willing to do anything!
carson pass windy corner couple laughing bride and groom running from wind in tahoe

  • ali - Gorgeous photos! Amazing photographer and beautiful, as always, Dave & Angel!May 7, 2014 – 9:48 pmReplyCancel

Here are some snowy mages we photographed with Brooke last month for her bridal session (also known as “Trash the Dress” or “Creative Bridal Portraits”).  The idea is that a bride will probably never wear her dress again, put in storage believing maybe someday it will be used for something good, but really not. So, I photograph the bride in her dress after the wedding in a creative way, and sometimes it gets wet or dirty. John Michael Cooper, a friend of mine, started the whole trend with the “Joan of Arc” bride on fire portrait years ago. Google it and you will see, or just click here. While shocking at first, many brides today enjoy being photographed today in their dresses creatively, whether it’s on the beach, in a swimming pools, in the dirt, in grass, in the mountains, or wherever you desire.  Most the time, the cleaners take care of it.

In this session, Brooke braved the cold and windy weather early in the morning at around 20+ degrees outside in the snow, in the rocks, in the dirt, and even in the trees.  Most of the session took place in between Lake Tahoe and Kirkwood Resort.  We used the wind and backdrop for part of the look, which was our vision.  The richer blue skies are the result of being in higher altitude, as we were around 6000-8000 ft. elevation, with no headaches.  We left the SUV running with the heater full blast, so everyone could defrost their bodies, and my camera gear could stay operable, shooting typically around 20 minutes each time before returning to our vehicle.  Kudos to Brooke for being a warrior bride.  She did a wonderful job!!

tahoe bride photographer shooting bridal session in rustic mountains lake tahoe trash the dress session photography trash the dress lake tahoe wedding photography trash the dress creative bridal session photographer tahoe lake tahoe wedding photographer bride in tree after wedding venue black white bridal session near kirkwood photography fashion bridal photographer session in mountains near tahoe snow bridal photography creative trash the dress near tahoe kirkwood wedding photographer in snow capturing pictures of bride for bridal session bride pictures near tahoe and Kirkwood resort photography beautiful bride portraits near kirkwood after wedding by photographer Charleton epic bride in snow photograph by tahoe wedding photographer tahoe bride getting photographed after wedding in dress on winter snow tahoe winter snow wedding bride creative photographer

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