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Here’s an image I shot earlier in December 2010. This couple had their wedding on the beach of Carmel.  You can view the images on my blog last month.  This image goes beyond a photographer’s time for required editing of wedding images.  Typically, I edit the images with color toning and lighting, remove major distractions, sharpen, etc., and make them print ready.  If a couple wants full treatment of a photograph, designed with special effects, like the one below, I charge by the hour.  And usually I can get a few images per hour done.  This one below was done exploring and playing around with Photoshop.

I often read books on photography, lighting, bios on artists, and other valuable artistic inspirations to keep myself learning.  I even try to listen to bands whose true intention is to create art, even if I don’t like the music.  Pushing myself beyond my own knowledge is the key! If you want to grow in your knowledge, you need to be reading and learning!  I think that’s why I like the North Face’s motto: Never stop exploring!  I’m a mountain climber, so I apply this to my whole life!