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I just got through shooting a wedding at the Santa Barbara Biltmore resort, and we captured some yummy images today.  This is a shot from today.  As many of you know, I like to go “scoping” around my territory before shooting, and I came across the abandoned boat.  Honestly, it looked amazing, but I was trying to figure how I was going to place a Bride and Groom inside the image, captured the ocean, the boat, and the bride and groom in way that was pleasing to the eye.  I took photos of the boat and of the other locations I wanted to shoot yesterday, and went back to my hotel room to plan how I was going to pull off some amazing shots for the next day (my Plan A).  Well,…because of time, our 1.5 hours of shooting went to about 20 minutes, and I had to change to Plan B (a shortened version to plan A).  However, with the time I was given, we still captured some amazing shots.  As with my other blogs, I really do hope to blog this Santa Barbara wedding.  I know there are other weddings and engagement sessions that I would like to blog, and I hope to get to them!

four Seasons Biltmore Wedding photogrpaphy on the beach of Montecito Santa Barbara, California by Charleton Churchill Photography