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The Junebug Best of the Best Destination wedding photos of the year for 2015 have been announced.  I’m excited to share the judges selected one of my images.  Only 50 images were selected out of thousands submitted. The talent and standards are very high, and very difficult to win, so I’m most surely feeling honored.  I’m thankful to the judges for the time they put into this contest.  To view the images, click on the photo below.


Winning image. Himalayas, Nepal. By Charleton Churchill.

2015 Junebug Destination photos of the year award

Erik and Jen married during the Nepal Earthquake while heading up to Mt. Everest Base Camp. And even though there was brokenness, they turned it into something beautiful.  We are grateful to have won this honorable award. Also, a special note of acknowledgement and prayer for those who lost their homes and lives. To the Sherpas who lost their homes on our team, this image is for you.


You can view the whole Mt. Everest Wedding Story on the blog Here:
Mt. Everest Wedding Photography Story


best destination wedding photographer award


Mt. Everest Wedding Photography, Tibet or Nepal opportunity.  Antarctica Wedding Photography possibility.

If you are interested in having your adventure wedding or elopement photographed, you will want an experienced photographer. Contact me today for your wedding.

Mt. Everest Wedding Photographer

Mount Everest base camp where mountaineers start their journey to the summit! We will be heading a little higher to Kala Patar to photograph a wedding.

Talk about the most spectacular wedding locations in the world, nothing beats having your wedding on a mountain.  I photographed a wedding near Mt. Everest this 2015 with a Colorado couple. While we did experience the earthquake this year, the couple still married and we got some epic photos. It was all over the news and media.  We had sponsors, magazines, and blogs publish the wedding. Check out the blog to see the images.

I do take requests from couples for almost any destination wedding or elopement, and especially with Mt. Everest where it involves a little more time, but well worth it.  I only take one couple per year. Adventurous couples who want their wedding photographed near the Basecamp of Mt. Everest, the Nepal or Tibet side, will be trekking with an experienced climber and world photographer who knows the mountains, survival, and photography well.

mt. everest wedding couple eloped near basecamp

I am also available for other mountains such as Antarctica, Mt. Mckinley (Denali), Alaska, any almost anything you can imagine. I am available for remote regions such as Africa, New Zealand, Iceland, and almost anywhere in Europe.  As many of you know, I’m an avid mountain climber, hiker, trekker, mountaineer, and I have climbed quite a few mountains, as well as Alaska’s Mt. McKinley, which is the highest point in north America at 20, 320 ft. While mountains I have climbed required technical climbing abilities, mountaineering skills, crevasse rescue training, etc., going to Mt. Everest Base camp would not require such demands.  However, being in good shape is without saying.

Please contact me if you’re interested in having your epic wedding photographed in this beautiful and scenic landscape.  I’m also certified to officiate your wedding if needed.  You will most definitely have unique and powerful backdrops for your images, on top of breathtaking photos of you both together! There’s nothing but splendor everywhere on this mountain. Why not take an adventurous trip and get married at, literally, one of the most amazing locations on the planet!

everest base camp wedding photographer in the himalayas

If you’re interested, contact me and we can discuss the details!

Charleton Churchill, Adventure Wedding Photographer
209-603-1741 USA
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Destination wedding on Mt. Everest.

wedding photographer Charleton Churchill on Denali, Alaska, a.k.a, Mt. McKinley.